Laced lbd

Dress: Tobi | Sandals: ShopMCE | Bag: KateSpade

As mentioned on Instagram, this dress is THE perfect combination of cute and comfy!
I am a huge fan of dresses that I can wear and eat a cheeseburger [or two] in, and still feel fabulous.

I am so in love with the lace details on this dress, it adds that perfect amount of flare to this LBD.
Score this dress and tons of other adorable stuff over at www.tobi.com

The bag I'm carrying is vintage Kate Spade, I got it years ago, and honestly forgot I had it.
How cute is it though? As soon as I saw it lying in my closet, I knew I had to carry it with this look!

Ohhhhhh these sandals, these sandals are from ShopMCE.com and they are undeniably adorable. 
However I won't lie, they do rub your heel on the back, BUT that can be easily fixed.
They also run a little bigger, so if you're going to order yourself some, order at least 1/2 size down!

I wore this little number to my beautiful sister in laws bridal shower this past weekend.
It was a couples shower and I had the pleasure of being one of the hostesses!
Kyle's aunt decorated the place and holy guacamole it was STUNNING!

I've got a busy next few weeks ahead of me!
Doing my stores closeout sale this weekend, then have a bachelorette party next weekend.
Hope everyone is having a w o n d e r f u l week so far! 


Have no fear, Spring is near

Top: Tobi | Jeans: Amuse Society | Shoes: Nordstrom (similar) | Clutch: Kate Spade

First things first, how ADORABLE is this top?!
I fell in love as soon as I laid eyes on it,
I'll definitely be wearing it on repeat all Spring/Summer long!
Oh and guess what? It's only $27 right now and comes in olive as well. 
Get your butt on over to their website y'all > www.tobi.com

In other news, we celebrated my sweet husbands birthday this weekend. 
He turned the big 2-8, and I seriously think he gets better looking every day...
His nana cooked us all a delicious meal and then we went to a little bar in 
North Texas to continue the celebration!
He has been working his butt off lately, and I am seriously SO thankful he's mine.
We've been house hunting like crazy and have already put 4 offers in on houses,
but it just hasn't worked out yet. Which is fine, because I know God has a perfect plan for us.
But sheesh we are just SO ready to be settled in somewhere. 
Just working on being patient and knowing it will happen when it's meant too!

We're heading to the rodeo tonight with some friends to see Sam Hunt,
So I'll be back here tomorrow with a full report on how the concert was, 
what outfit I wore, 
and how many corn dogs I ate!

Stay tuned lovers, 


Seeing the good.

One thing i've always known, but really realized this year,
 is that, everyone, every single person is fighting some sort of battle.
Some may be big, and some may be small, 
and some may be small but seem big to that individual.
But it doesn't matter.
Something may seem super simple and small to me, 
but it could feel like the world is ending to someone else.
We all have our struggles, and none of them look the same.

This year I really want to try and keep that in mind at all times.
For whenever i'm frustrated with a friend, 
or family member, or confused by someones actions.
Instead of jumping to conclusions or assuming the worst,
I just want to remember and remind myself that we're all human,
and half the time have no idea what we're doing...
and half the time we're just trying to make it through the end of the day.

Sometimes it's hard not to make assumptions, 
or judge, or feel jealous, and that's just human nature.
But this year my goal, starting today, is to see the good.
To fully embrace myself, flaws and all, and be thankful for what God has blessed me with.
To stop looking at others in jealousy.
To search for the good in every situation. 
To comfort my friends/family in whatever battle their facing.
To not compare peoples battles but help them overcome them. 
To trust God fully, and not constantly rely on myself.
To give back, to those who are in need and those who have given to me.

It may not be the very beginning of the year,
but it's never too late for a fresh start.


Good things to come..

Y'all, there has been SO much running through my mind the past few months.
So much stress, so much worry, so much wondering what people are going to think.

But after a lot of thought and prayer and hard conversations,
i've officially decided that I won't be re signing my lease on my store.
The opportunity to have my storefront came at such a perfect time in my life,
having a store front for a year was EXACTLY what I needed last year.
It was such a positive experience and I have learned and grown SO much from it.
Although it was SO much fun dealing with customers face to face,
and meeting SO many incredible and sweet women,
Plaza just wasn't the place for my business.
I'll be leaving at the end of March.
I'll be continuing to sell online, and I'll be doing pop up shops around Texas
as frequently as possible!
AND I now offer FREE shipping on all US orders!

With all that being said, i've got some other exciting news!
If you follow me on instagram i'm sure you've already heard,
I'm now doing photography part time!!!
I have always loved taking photos of anything and everything.
I love capturing moments & making memories last forever.
If you live in the Houston area, or anywhere in Texas,
I would L-O-V-E to shoot you or your family!

Go ahead and click here to see some of my work & get pricing info.
Thanks for all the love & support y'all!


Goals and Resolutions

Sweater: ShopHopes | Pants: LuLus | Boots: Similar

I was one, along with a million others, who were just totally ready for 2016 to be over. 
Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't all bad.
2016 was absolutely a growing year for me, and honestly,
growing is hard y'all!
In 2016 I opened my very first little store space.
and holy crap I have learned SO much about my business and relationships and
just myself personally.

So as most of you know Kyle and I have been trying for a baby,
and well, it's just not happening for us right now...
So this past month I made a promise to myself,
If my period came -- I would stop thinking so much about a baby,
and put ALL of my time,  energy and focus into my store and getting back in shape.

I'm sure all of you know I opened my online boutique a few years ago,
it's my baby, and it's something i'm very proud of.
it seems like everyone and their damn cousin has an online boutique these days.
BUT i'm happy to say that I was one of the originals. 
And this year my goal is to get back to where I was when I first started.
So if you're one of my day one's - don't leave me now!
I've got a few ideas up my sleeve for my store and can't wait to share them with y'all!
--Stay Tuned!--


Engagement Season

I took a little break from blogging the last few weeks,
and I feel like I have SO much to fill y'all in on!

But the most exciting thing is...
My little sister got E N G A G E D!!!!
I had the honor of hiding and capturing the moment for them,
It seriously meant so much to me that Michelle's fiancĂ© 
trusted me to play such a big role on their special day.

Here's a little tiny glimpse.

After the proposal he had all of her closest friends and family waiting to surprise her.
He did SUCH a great job!

It is officially engagement season y'all!!


A piece of me

I remember always thinking it was funny when people would tell me I would regret my tattoo.
Growing up I used to always hate my back, it was the body part that I could just never tone,
and it just never seemed to look how I wanted it too -
no matter what I did or how hard I worked out, I wasn't happy with what I saw in the mirror.

Fast forward to a few years later and I learned that you have to eat correctly AND work out,
you can't just do one or the other in order to get the results you want ;) 
but that's not the point of this post.

Since getting my tattoo, my back is now my favorite part of my body.
[Physically of course]
I've gone through A LOT the last couple of years, a lot that no one knows about.
 I've learned and grown,
i've changed, and transitioned, and learned lots of lessons.
Even though it's just ink, that tattoo is a piece of me.
It represents my sweet uncle who I lost and miss so much.
But not only that, it represents a version of me. 
There are so many people that see life in black and white, 
and I can be honest and say that I was one of those people a year or two ago.
But goodness gracious, there is sooooo much gray in between all that black and white.
And I like to think that this little tattoo not only helps me to remember my uncle, 
but it also helps me to see life in a completely different way than I did before.

It's not some trend that i'm going to hate when I have kids one day.
It's a part of my past, my present and my future,
and hell am I glad that I got it!


Thanksgiving 2016

This is about as good as our family photos get these days y'all.

Kyle and I are SO thankful for this big family of ours!

I know this post is a little late, but I hope all of you had as great of a Thanksgiving as we did!

It's finally starting to cool down here, 
and i'm ALLLL about layering!
I'll be sharing some outfit posts with y'all very soon!


Thank you

I can't even begin to tell y'all how hard it was for me to click "publish" on my last post.
I'm overwhelmed with the love and encouragement i've received from everyone,
on here, instagram, facebook, and in person.

THANK YOU ALL so much for every sweet word, 
and for those that have shared their personal stories of struggle with me.
I feel like we've all been trained to never talk about the hard things.
to pretend like everything's perfect, 
because the hard things can make other people uncomfortable.
But I think that's silly.

So here's to being real...

Happy Monday everyone


Top: WindsorStore | Vest: Tobi | Jeans: CottonOn | Booties: Zara

Thanksgiving is tomorrow - 
and I was going to write up this perfect little post about everything i'm thankful for and how blessed I am and how thankful I am for everyone and everything in my life.... 
Of course skipping over all of the bumps in the road that Kyle and I have endured this year.
BUT instead of pretending like everything's perfect and chatting about how happy I am, 
I figured I'd be R E A L with all of y'all instead. 

And if i'm being completely open and honest, life has been a little hard lately.
No one ever warns you that your mid to late twenties will be some of the toughest years of your life.
Talk about growing pains y'all.
Kyle and I are definitely in a transitioning period, and well, 
it hasn't been as easy breezy as we had planned.

[This post was actually typed up a few months ago, but I wasn't brave enough to share it. I don't want anyone feeling sorry for me, or thinking that i'm complaining.
This post was written in hopes that someone could relate and know that they aren't alone. As i've gotten older i've learned that it's much better to be human and be open about your struggles rather than hiding them -- because you never know who's struggling with the exact same thing, and could use a friend to lean on.
So here it goes...]

It's a scary thing --- making that decision.
 The decision to grow your family, to bring life into this world.  

At the beginning, I kind of just thought it would happen, ya know.
I mean it's pretty easy right? 
You get off whatever birth control you're on and do the thing, and 
There's a baby in your belly.

I have always heard about infertility, about people struggling to get pregnant.
Of course, my heart went out to them.
But that would never happen to me. 
I'm healthy, and active, and I mean - I've always wanted to be a mom. 
I mean, half my friends got pregnant without even blinking, 
so I'm bound to get pregnant the first time I try, right?

It's funny --- when you make the choice to have a baby...
You start thinking of how you're going to tell people.
How you're going to tell your husband, your mom, your best friend.
You think of how surprised and excited everyone is going to be.
You picture all of this in your head and it fills your entire being with SO much joy.

The first few months are all fun and games.
When I saw that little negative sign, 
or those big letters spelling out "NOT pregnant"...
I didn't let it get to me too much,
I just went on with my life, and figured it would happen the next month.

During those first months,
you'll have friends get pregnant.
You'll laugh and cry and celebrate with them, knowing in the back of your mind -
that you will have a baby of your own soon and they will be the best of friends.
A few more months will go by,
and you'll see pregnancy announcements and baby announcements all over social media.
You'll smile and feel so happy for the couple who's pregnant,
but deep down you can't help but feel sadness and wonder why it hasn't happened for you yet,
and then you'll quickly push aside that sadness because you know it's selfish.
But i'm finally realizing that it's okay to feel sad.
It's okay to want a family of your own.
It's okay to be jealous of women who get pregnant naturally and quickly,
we're humans, and all of those feelings are normal.
It's okay. 

Fast forward to over a year later,
that little negative sign, and those big letters spelling out "NOT pregnant",
seem to have a much stronger effect.
In fact, they're absolutely devastating. 

But with all that being said, I know I serve a God whose timing is perfect, 
I do have times where i'm sad and frustrated,
I'm not naive, I do know there are people that have been trying MUCH longer than I have.
I do know there are big things going on in the world and in peoples lives that
are far more serious than this issue that Kyle and I are currently facing.

But the thing is - we're all human, we all have struggles.
Social media and the way people portray their lives on there isn't real.
If you just scrolled through my Instagram you would never know that we've
been struggling to get pregnant or that my house is an utter disaster 98% of the time,
or that I absolutely suck at cooking,
[literally made my husband easy mac & crescent rolls the other night]

It doesn't matter who you are or where you're from,
we've all got something we're dealing with.
And I think instead of being ashamed or embarrassed of our problems,
or struggles, or downfalls...
Why not share them and embrace the fact that those are what make us human.

So this Thanksgiving, although it's different than how I pictured it would be,
I'm thankful.
I'm thankful for my true friends, i'm thankful for my families health, i'm thankful for the people I work with and how they always make me laugh, I'm thankful for the patience Kyle has with me, I'm thankful for dogs, because Lord knows the love they give is one of a kind.

and I'm thankful for struggles, because without them, we would never grow stronger or be able to appreciate all of the amazing little things that we so often take for granted. 

Happy Thanksgiving y'all.