motivation monday?

Hi everyone!
So I am feeling veryyyyy motivated today! Unfortunately this past month has been crazy for me, just dealing with school and work and friends and the boyfriend...and I literally have worked out ONCE this entire month...this is not okay. So today will be the day that I start getting back in shape, so all of you reading this get off your butts and go to the gym! I'll post what work out I did later :]

Work out for today:
Cardio = Elliptical 45 min
Strength = Full body (toneitup.com)
- Squat with bicep curl
- Deadlift to upright row
- Single leg overhead tricep extension
- Yoga  ball chest press
- Yoga ball chest fly
- Yoga ball tricep extension
- Incline bicep curl
- Ab roll out
- Ball leg curl
- Leg extension with ball
- Side lunges
- Bent over row
*I do 20 reps of each using 5 lb dumbbells, you're supposed to do it 2 times straight through but I only had time to do it once today. 

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