Au' Natural

Jacket: Ross, Top: F21, Jeans: Agaci, Flats: Charlotte Russe, Bag: thrifted

Today I pretended that makeup didn't exist. and I loved it. 

I did my first work out today and let's be honest...it was miserable. This is why you just STAY in shape people! 

So here's what I did:
Cardio: elliptical on intervals for 30 minutes
 Squats with 30 lb weight/3 sets of 20
Deadlifts: 25 lb weight/3 sets of 15
Leg Extension (machine): 4 sets of 10
Leg Curl (machine): 4 sets of 10
Pushups: 2 sets of 10
Lunges: 10 lb weights/3 sets of 10
Yoga ball chest press: 5lb weights
Yoga ball chest fly: 5lb weights

Today's workout was really random, I usually have specific work outs I do but since I'm so out of shape I just decided to do whatever I thought my body could handle and stop when I got really tired. For today I wanted to focus on my legs and butt. Since I have class for most of the day tomorrow I'll probably just try to get some cardio in and do a pilates video! :] 
Hope everyone had a lovely dayyyy! 

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