chocolate covered raisins and a heart full of love

Today was a GREAT day. Wanna know why? Cuz THIS girl got to devour that huge cup of frozen yogurt ^^ (mines on the right. obviously) Thanks Kyle :] sometimes he's sweet and buys me yummies. Today was also great because it rained, and we really needed it. Unfortunately my immune system isnt too fond of all the frequent weather changes. I'm actually losing my voice, which is very inconvenient because my last few days of work start Thursday and my voice is somewhat of a necessity to work effectively. Ohhhhhh well. I'm one happy girl and I am SO thrilled that I get to be with my family and friends from home in just a few short days! 

I love holidays because me and my best girl friends (since elementary) always get together and laugh our butts off. I'm living with one of my bff's right now, but not for long :/ We're both gonna be livin on our own like big girls come January! Eeeeeek
Roomies <3
We're only missing....

But we will all be together soon! (and yes I used to be a blonde) 

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