Dinner for two

(facial expression wasnt so fabulous)
Top: Nordstrom, Jacket: Platos, Pants: TJ Maxx, Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Kyle took me on a dinner date last night! I wasnt really hungry when we got there, but of course his organs are eating each other so an appetizer is a must. So I said "fine order one but I wont eat any." Then the artichoke & spinach dip comes out...oh maybe i am feeling a little hungry...2 minutes later...Kyle: "uhh, you gonna leave any for me babe?" This little scenario happens at about 98% of our dinner dates. Silly me :] BUT I'm not the only one guilty here...I always want dessert...ALWAYS...I always want dessert, so when the waitress comes and asks if we want the dessert menu Kyle always just glares at me because he "isnt a dessert person" so of course I take full advantage of him not answering and say "oh sure, ill just see what they have" Now, let me just tell you how our conversation goes after EVERY SINGLE dinner.
Me: Well I dont want one if you dont want one
Kyle: Babe you know me, I'm perfectly fine without dessert
Monica: Okay well, I dont want to get a huge dessert and you not eat any of it
Kyle: I'll probably have like 1 bite
Me: okay whatever, we'll have the Apple cobbler with an extra scoop of ice cream :]
Me: Now dont eat all of the ice cream cuz that's my favorite part!
Kyle: Well that's one of the best parts babe!
*Dessert comes out*
Kyle: Dang that looks good.
Me: yup, you can have your ONE bite
...2 minutes later...
no talking, eating as fast as we can so we can get as many bites as possible, (often leads to multiple tongue burns) I would say the dessert was split evenly...mmhhmm....so much for that 1 bite sir! But he's always a gentleman and leaves the last bite for me <3

After dinner we went to redbox (the usual) and I commented on how huge the moon was.
and Kyle asked if I wanted to go sit on it. Which made me smile really big. We went to my apartment and I insisted that I put on my pjs and wash my face before we start the movie. (i hate make up) So I come out of my bathroom in my huge tie dye tshirt, hair thrown on the top of my head, and face all fresh and clean, and he's laying there, on my big brown couch, with the biggest smile on his face, "You're so pretty". I grin and plop right next to him, he's still looking at me...so i turn and look back, and he just hugged me and said "i love you so much". GAH he's the best. 4 years and we're still going strong ;] idk why people say that after 2 years you just get used to each other. You're WRONG people. WRONG. 

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