Mr. Unfortunate

Cardigan: F21, Tank: Target, Jeggings: F21, Boots: Shoe Carnival, Purse: Platos Closet

I'm sick :( hmph.
Actually I'm getting over being sick, but now I'm starting to lose my voice...which means I sound like a 12 yr old boy going through puberty. yup. my voice cracks jussssstttttttt about every other word.
So naturally, I've been feeling really sorry for myself, you know, since I'm sick and stressed out with school and other dreadful things. (basically what EVERY person in the world deals with on a daily basis I'm just being a baby) So as I was leaving school today, after being in the Education Lab for 3 hours working on projects, I walked my little butt back over to the shuttle stop, where there were about 383839 other students waiting for the bus. So the bus comes and all 383839 of us pile right on in. I was able to snag a seat in the 3rd row next to the overweight kid with his trombone (I knew he put his huge instrument on the seat so no one would sit there, but I squeezed rightttttt on in) so anywho, everyones waiting, bus is completely packed, and here comes mr unfortunate, waving down the driver, I'm 90% sure every single person in the bus was staring directly at him, the doors open, and he says, "Tha-__" BAM! yup. he ate it.. Made it up the 1st step like a pro... and then face planted directly on the drivers shoe that looked like it was from the 1840's, and I'm pretty sure I could smell it from the Education Lab. Poor little guy. I've never seen anyone hop up so fast in my life. Oh, and the worst part? No one, not ONE person, asked if he was alright, gasped, laughed, gave him a high five, nothing. He had no clue what to do with himself. So I let out a little giggle. You know, so he wouldnt feel so awkward right?!...WRONG, I then immediately received 383839 disgusted looks from every person on the bus. yup. That was me, the extremely inconsiderate girl that laughs at the poor kid that falls down in front of a crowd.

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