I think I found my calling

He looks so adorable in my glasses <3
Blazer: Agaci, Top: F21, Jeans: Wet Seal, Heels: Fioni

Life has been crazy busy the past few days, and the AC has been out in the apartment :/ therefore I have been sweating like a mad woman 98% of the day. Wellp, my last day of work was Sunday! YAHOO! I'm really happy, but really sad at the same time. Especially since I will be poor, BUT something great did happen to me...I actually got offered "a job" (kind of) I ended up meeting the CEO of this business while I was at work one day last week, and he *saw something in me* and said that he thinks I would be great at marketing and medical sales.
 Now, I am an education major, and unfortunately that is not what I see myself doing so I have been tryinggg and prayingg that somehow someway I would find my calling before I graduate next May, and I cant even count how many people have commented that I would be FABULOUS at sales. I just NEVER pictured myself doing something like that, ever, like at all. But hey, maybe this is it? So I talked to my mom and Kyle, and a few other people just to hear their opinions and they're all encouraging me to keep in contact with him. So I called yesterday, terrified out of my mind, I thought my stomach was going to fall out of my butt, and HALLELUJAH he didnt answer so I got away with just leaving a voicemail...let me just tell you, I would have been better off talking to the guy, I dont even remember what I said in the message, but I know I was trying to be funny and cute and professional at the same time, and it definitely didnt work out for me. Whatever.
 So anyways, I also emailed him with my info, and he emailed me back saying to call him today on my way home if I have time, EEK, idk why I get so nervous! I guess cuz this could be my future and he could be my future boss. SOOO, this morning I will be finishing up my LAST papers and projects, packing, and then heading home! I am ECSTATIC! Cant wait to see my fam! Oh, and i'll be calling "boss man" if I can build up the courage. Medical Sales, here I come! 

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