lock it up

I definitely need to make Kyle take me on a picnic date soon.

Well, I just got back to my lovely apartment after a long week of family time! It's so nice to be back in my own cozy little place. <3

Anddddddddd I have officially decided that I am disgusting and in the worst shape I have EVER been in (i may be exaggerating) so I am going to work my little butt off and try my best to work out every.single.day. until I go back home for Christmas break...Now that gives me 18 days of work outs and healthy eating (more like portion control) So I am determined, and I will be looking smokinnnn hotttt by the time Christmas rolls around, and if you're lucky, I maayyyyy, i said MAY, post a before and after picture. :] 
Time to lock it up.
Treadmill and Weights I'm comin' for ya!

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