So remember last Monday when I said I was feeling motivated? Well...Tuesday I was definitely lacking in the motivation area...and Wednesday..and maybe Thursday...okay, okay I havent been the little fitness queen that I promised I would be. But I think theres something about Mondays...maybe it's because I dont have school or work, but I am in the mood for a work out again...hmmm why cant I feel like this every day?!

So since I was feeling motivated again I did the P90x plyometrics work out video and HOLY CRAP am I out of shape, seriously. But I felt sooooo refreshed afterwards :] There's truly no better feeling than the one right after an awesome work out. How do I feel?
-Full of energy
Now, im not saying I felt this way throughout the work out, I definitely would have been humiliated if anyone could have seen me. A few profanities were shouted here and there...sweat was dripping in all kinds of places...at one point I was definitely weezing like a crazy person... and I'm pretty sure I responded to Tony every time he asked a question or had a witty little comment. So there ya go my friends, It's all about the rewards :]
Soooo those of you thinking about skipping a day, DONT DO IT! Think about how great you'll feel once you're finished.
"No one has ever regretted a work out"
Oh and by the way...the Victorias Secret Fashion Show is coming up prettttyyyyy soon, heres some motivation for ya! ;]

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