4 minute work out, thats right folks..

Absolutely LOVE this quote, because it's so true.

Now, I'm about to share with yall this "4 minute work out" I discovered, BUT I dont want yall thinkin that you can just do this every day and wake up looking like Adriana Lima. Sorry, aint gonna happen. 
This is the kind of work out you do when you have no time in your day but need to get a little sweat session in, or maybe when you want some dessert or that extra piece of cake but you dont wanna feel super guilty afterwards...take 4 minutes and do this quick work out before you indulge in your favorite dessert. 
So, in order to do this work out you'll need an interval timer.
Thanks to technology if you have a smartphone you can probably download an interval timer app. 
Here's what ya do:
(You'll do each move for 20 seconds, and rest for 10 seconds in between each move)
1st move: burpee with pushup
2nd move: mountain climbers
3rd move: high knees
4th move: jumping jacks
Okay okay, I know some of yall are saying "wow really? that's so simple I could do that all the time"...ya, ya, ya...this is a high intensity exercise, which means you need to go ALL OUT for every move, as fast as you can, as hard as you can, and with perfect form. 
Doing this exercise wont get you a 6 pack or a perfect butt, this exercise is for getting your metabolism going. 
So when your short for time, do this exercise my friends! It's only 4 minutes, you wont regret it! :]

OKAY....confession time.
So, remember how I told yall I was going to work out every single day until Christmas? and watch what I eat? Mainly have portion control...
I may have had an entire bag of chocolate covered peanuts yesterday...and a few more pieces of pizza than I needed the night before. 
I'm not proud of myself! 
But that's okay because today is a new day and I am going to get a great work out in :]
Sometimes you just need to live a little, having a "cheat day" wont kill you or make you gain 20 lbs.
Unless you continue to eat that way of course...

I'll be back later to share what work out I did today! 

(photos taken from pinterest)

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