I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas!
I know I did, it was so good seeing the whole family!
And....Tomorrow I finally get to see my loverboyy :]
What I wore:
Top: F21, Denim shirt: Target, Jeggings: F21 Boots: Madden Girl via Zappos, Necklace: Avon
Okay, prepare yourselves.
I'm about to get all lovey dovey...ready?
I cant even express how pumped I am to go see my stud muffin tomorrow. 
It's been 11 days...
and I cant wait to give him his Christmas presents and tackle him and kiss him and squeeze him.
It's going to seem like the longest drive ever, boo.
Get ready loverboy I'm comin for ya! 

What's everyone doing for New Years Eve?!
I still need to get myself an outfit!
I'm really loving backless mini dresses lately, 
there's one dress I came across on pinterest and have been madly in love since I laid my eyes on it, 
but have no earthly idea where it's from, so I'm trying to find her twin!
simply amazing.
Hope everyone's relaxing and enjoying the Holidays! 


  1. your hair is beautiful! and that mini! omggg

  2. aww thanks girl! I knowww, Isnt great?!

  3. I am totally feeling the backless mini.. If you find where it is from- please share!! Haha.
    That would make a killer dress for my Vegas girls trip this year!!

    Love your outfits! :)