Just another day in paradise

isn't he handsome.

That hunk of love right up there was so sweet and brought me cookies last night :]

So we laid on the couch and ate EVERY single one of them until our tummys hurt.
Well mine at least.
about 10 minutes later I hear.
"I'm starving, wanna go eat somewhere?"

So we did, I threw on a hoodie and some boots and we went to Outback Steakhouse. 
It's one of our favorite places because of the famous bloomin' onion we always get. 
I'm pretty sure it has been in multiple health mags for being one of the most fattening appetizers, 
but we like to pretend it's healthy.
We stayed there for a long time talking about our families, the future, and just life in general.
Those are the best dates... 
You know, when the waitress walks by a million times and just grins because she doesn't want to interrupt the conversation. 
boyfriends are fun sometimes. 

this made me giggle. 

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  1. My Kyle and I have spent countless hours at restaurants talking! its one of my fav things to do!