Sorry for the delay!

Playing with the new cam cam.
Moving is not fun.
Finding out your new place is the size of a tent, even more not fun.
So sorry i've been boring lately!
Kyle and I have been moving me into my new apartment these past few days!
And, oh my, it's a tight squeeze.
It will be a nice cozy little semester for me. But that's okay!

The best thing about moving is all the things you find!

I have no idea where that mask even came from? haha

When I got in on Tuesday me and Kyle finally had our Christmas.

I ripped into my presents before he could take a picture, whoopsie :]
He did good this year, I'll hafta post what he got me later!

Last night we decided to go out to dinner, we went to one of our favorite restaurants BJ's!
(Dont be a pervert)
Okay, so before I blab about how amazing the desserts are there let me just ask a question.
How come whenever Kyle and I go on a date, you know, just the 2 of us. 
They insist on giving us a table for 10.
Does this happen to anyone else?!

I seriously had to shout in order for him to hear me.
But once I ordered my firefly sweet tea I was as happy as could be ;]
But anyways, this restaurant, BJ's, where you couldnt help but giggle when you heard the name.
They have they most amazing dessert! It's called a pizookie! 
What is it?
ANY kind of cookie you want, with ice cream on top.
okay okay, big whoop.
no no no, a big, warm, ooey gooey deep dish cookie of your choice,
have 2 favorite kinds of cookies?
no problem, you can half and half it.
Me and Kyle always get half white chocolate macadamia nut and half oatmeal raison. 
MMMMMMM, my mouths watering thinking about it.

So after we demolished our yummy dessert we decided to rent a movie cuz we were so exhausted from all the moving the past few days. 

I like to pretend im the paparazzi sometimes.


  1. YUM, all those sweets! You're killing my sweet tooth!

  2. haha sorry girl! I should've put a warning label that parts of my blog may lead to a future in obesity. ;]