Thanks Target, 'preciate it.

Today was exhaustinggggg.
Mom & I went Christmas shopping for everyone.
Literally the entire family... cousins, uncles, aunts, nephews, mamaws, papaws, second cousins & all.
but something great did happen.
I finally found some red skinny jeans!
I've been searching for the longest time & ended up settling for some burgandy ones I found at TJ maxx.
but thanks to Target I found the cutest pair of red ones today & I just had to buy them!
I cant wait to wear them tomorrow & show yall.
I also dyed my hair today, & I'm lovin it.
It's a little darker with more of a red tint, so crazy how last Christmas I was completely blonde!
A lot changes in a year!

Is everyone excited for Christmas?
I am especially anxious because I know i'll be getting my newwww camera! :] 
Which means prettier things for yall to look at!
So here are some pretty things to look at in the meantime. 
I could own 7363 of these babies.

(photos taken from pinterest)

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