Where's my reward?

Top: Boyfriends, Scarf: F21, Jeans: Tj Maxx, Shoes: Walmart (best buy ever)

I feel like I should be rewarded for my online shopping habits. 
I mean, I spend time every single day putting things in my "online shopping bag" from different stores. Okay, I may not purchase the items...but it's the thought that counts right? 
I'm taking my time to let these stores know, "hey! great job, I want your products."
So I believe, every now and then, they should maybe send me one of the items in my bag.
You know, just as a nice gesture, a thank you, for being such a dedicated customer. 
Who's with me?!?!

Anywayssssss, yesterday was a rough one for me, who knew DIY gifts could be so stressful?
I'm trying to make my parents this gift for Christmas, I would post it but I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise! 
So, yall will get to see the finished product. 
I'm also trying to pack up my entire apartment and stay sane living in this filth. 
Why was yesterday so stinky?
Get ready people, I'm about to throw my own pitty party...
Well, I have been SO excited about Christmas break, going home and relaxing, being with my family and friends, so excited to go see Kyle and be with his crazy family. 
Oh wait...Kyle will be gone. the entire break. 
Which means I will be all alone, and unloved, and forgotten. 
(exaggeration at its finest)
but that's how I felt yesterday, so I cried. 
Like any hormonal girl would.
And Kyle hated it, like every male does.
and let me just quote "Babe, why are you so emotional?"
Shouldnt they know better by now?
from personal experience, movies, novels, 
or just witnessing how bad a girl reacts when she is asked that God forsaken question. 
 but I handled it well, I already put him through enough that day. 
and of course I knew I was being extremely over emotional. 
What's a girl to do?!
I'm glad he still loves me. :]
Even though I get a little cray cray on the regular. 

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