Dont worry dolls!

I'm back!!
Just got back in town from the wedding, I had the major sads about having to leave early :/
but this girls got her very first day of student teaching tomorrow and has to be up at 5 am!

I was so excited to see Liz this weekend! (the old rooms)

We went to Kona Grill for happy hour when she arrived (of course)
and had ourselves a few margaritas (2) 
unfortunately we are both embarrassing light weights, and 2 was really allllll we needed
 ;] if ya know what I mean. haha
but anyways, I guess it was good that we had an early night 
since we had to be up early to head out of town for the wedding.
 (which was so beautfiful!! pictures coming soon)

After we arrived in Austin there was about 83 million things we were trying to get done, 
but on one of our errands we just so happened to pass by a little table full of goodies.
free goodies!
 So what did I do? Started diggin!
I've never been so excited in my life while digging through another persons "trash"
and guess what I found?!
A TOASTER! (i NEED one!)
You know what they say though!
One persons trash = another persons treasure. :]
Although I was extremely excited about my new toaster, 
now that it's actually mine I am extremely skeptical and grossed out and can't actually imagine myself eating something out of it haha
oh well, maybe I can clean it out real good somehow.

Oh and just to maybe make yall giggle a little...
I made Kyle come with me to get my friend lingerie for her bachelorette party since we were already out.
He was thrilled.
Such a good helper <3

Loved reading all my comments this weekend! Yall make me smile so so much!
Wish me luck on my first day tomorrow! :]


  1. I'm fascinated with Austin. Would love to go there for the music scene. Love your off-the-shoulder shirt. Super sexy.

  2. Bahaha love the pic of your boy! My Kyle has accompanied me on many embarrassing trips like that, too! Good luck with your student teaching tomorrow! It's going to be SO amazing!

  3. Hha Monica I am such a lightweight as well, 2 drinks and I am done for the night. Least its a cheap night out haha! Goodluck tomorow xxx


  4. I love that the sign says free please leave sign. Like someone has taken the sign before. Lol

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  6. Haha maybe if you turn the toaster on a few times the heat will burn away any dirt or grossness!?!

    Oh and I tagged you in todays post. So play along if you want :) xo