Last night & Today

Last Night.
Last night, after I had finished my "jumbo margarita for only $1 extra",
the conversation went a little like this...
Me: Let's pick celebrities that we're allowed to have sex with & it not be considered cheating.
Kyle: *sips beer* 
(I'm anxiously awaiting his response, knowing that I'm going to be pissed at any name that comes out of his mouth, b/c he's not supposed to think anyone else in the world is good looking besides me. duh)
Kyle: Ellen Degeneres. Hands down!...Rosie O'donnell tight second.
I immediately started dying laughing.
 (obviously it was funnier at the time b/c the tequila had kicked in)
Now, although Kyle really does love Ellen,
 I know he obviously would never be interested in sleeping with her.
The fact that he completely avoided the question by making me laugh hysterically,
so that he wouldnt have to deal with the whole,
"oh really? that's what you like? why dont you go date her?! go ahead, give her a call!! Sorry I cant afford a personal trainer and spray tanner to come to my house every day!!!!"
Hahaha Ohhh the lovely things that men have to deal with.
Kyle is just too clever now, 
I love that he knows better than to get himself into those tricky situations I like to throw at him every once in a while.

Things I discovered today
Things I've always known

Today, I discovered my new favorite cereal.
What is it? Kashi Cinnamon Crumble!
mmm I'm actually eating some rightttt this second.

Today, I discovered that if you dont have junk food in your house than you wont eat junk food.
I've always known that it's important to keep fresh fruit in your fridge so you grab that to snack on.
Today I actually had fresh fruit in my fridge to snack on instead of chips that give me love handles :]
Today I discovered that my addiction to string cheese is growing stronger & stronger.
Best string cheese brand!
I've always known that working out makes me 100x happier.
Today I worked out for the 1st time in a LONG time, and I feel like a new person.
So, what I really want to say is...
Today I discovered that working out is and always will be an important part of my life.
No matter how exhausted, sleep deprived, overwhelmed, or stressed out I am, 
I need to focus on the feeling that I'm going to have once the work out is finished,
 rather than thinking all day "ugh I have to make myself work out tonight".
Not only does working out make me look and feel healthy and beautiful,
It instantly lifts my mood and gives me more energy.
People dont just work out to improve their physical appearance,
 you gotta keep your insides healthy too people!
That being said, I know i've already mentioned that I'll be starting insanity on Tuesday!
So, I'm going to do my best to stick with the routine even though this semester is going to completely drain me.
Plus, I gotta tighten up for spring break anyways!
NEED this swimsuit top.
Is everyone as excited as I am that it's finally Friday?!
I cant believe I dont have to wake up before 6 am tomorrow!
That means, more time for commenting on blogs and catching up on what everyones been doing!


  1. Cute story about you and Kyle!!
    That cereal is the dummmb...I love Kashi cereal!! So delicious :)
    And yes - healthy fruit is always a most...but what happens when there's Chocolate Covered Raisins? Raisins are healthy..riiight? ;) I jut ate way too many! Should have stuck with grapes!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  2. you're right! if you don't have junk food in your home you wont eat it!
    I also trying eat healthy food, but junk food is so tasty;)

    x nicol

    check, follow, whatever you like:

  3. Hahahahaahah, Ellen and Rosie. He wins.

    Sometimes I get really annoyed at myself for not buying junk food;) Then I get even more upset with myself when I do:) Oh the tragedy.

    Thank you for your sweet comment. Thank goodness life comes at us in waves, right?

  4. Hahaha sexy Ellen.
    I don't kep junk food in the house. I just find myself buying it at the gas station all the time lol. Maybe one day I can jump on the working out Wagon.

  5. Hahaha! I died laughing reading that. At least he knows better now ;) And girl, I need to get in shape sooooo bad for swimsuit season! Thinking about rocking the one piece skirt suit if not!

  6. Haha love that story about you and your boyfriend how funny. Mine probably would've said Megan Fox! Lol xx

  7. I have an addiction to string cheese as well. Working out is the best! I want that swimsuit! Where is it from?

    Angela | PoodlePoddles