Let me help you

Okay, let's talk about hair.

I have always been the girl with board straight hair, no volume, nothing.
So what's a girl to do to get pretty curls?
I used to spend hours curling my hair and I would walk outside and 5 seconds later, straight again.
But latelyyyy, my hair has actually been behaving pretty well.
But ive been getting bored with the regular curls, I need something a little different.

Although I loveeeee pretty curls, 
I've always been jealy of those girls with the
 perfect, wavy curl, beachy, "oh i just wake up like this", effortless hair. 

Now, most of us arent blessed with naturally perfect hair.
So, for those of you who are in love with the wavy pretty curls, I think I can save us.
I have been hearing SO much about this new hair styling tool, "The Wand"
how it's SO great, works with all types of hair blah blah blah.
I just blew it off, until I used one, and fell in love.
Today I finally gave in, and bought myself this little beauty.
Now, I'm going to show yall a before and after but no judging!
I'm still learning how to use this thing so it doesnt look perfect,
but it will ;]



It's just a different type of curl, and it looks really good on pretty much everyone! 
I'm not sure how well it works with short hair, but I know it does wonders for those of us with long hair!

So for those of you that are still stuck on regular old curling irons, I highly suggest the wand!
You can find it at any drugstore, I got mine at walmart.
And not only does it work super well but it actually holds the curl for a LONG time.
My friend used the wand to curl her hair one night, slept on it, woke up, and went to work looking like she had spent hours doing her hair.
seriously ladies, this thing is amazing. 

So, hopefully I have convinced some of you to try it out :]
you wont regret it.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!



  1. Wow! Your hair is gorgeous! Thanks for the tips...must check out! But must grow hair longer, first!

  2. Interesting!! I wish my hair was longer, I still have a ways to go before I can have these long curls! ;)

  3. Oh goodness! You do look nice in curls. Love the way you did yours.

  4. It looks really good! You have amazing hair! Following you now!


  5. I started doing this to my hair freshmen year of college & I just took a 1 inch curling iron & broke the clasp off of it & used it that way! Your way is more professional for sure though.. : ) It IS awesome waking up with hair that already looks great! i'm glad you mentioned that part!!

  6. Super pretty. Too bad I'm too lazy to curl all my hair. I have super long, thick hair. It takes me forever and a day.

  7. Wow, wish I had hear like that, jealous!!
    Great blog, following now.
    Check mine if you like


    xx Magna

  8. WOW! Thanks for the advice! My hair is also board straight and doesnt hold curl for anything! Ive been looking for a good curling iron cant wait to try it out! :)