My boyfriend is special.

he doesnt mind little imperfections ;]
he's still sweet even when i'm needy.
he buys me margaritas that are the size of a large child.
He always lifts me up when i'm feelin down.
He's an expert at creative photography.
Sometimes he lets me be the boss.
Does this one really need a caption?
I trust him with my life.
He takes me places i've never been.
He loves me unconditionally.
A day hasnt gone by without him telling me how much he loves me.
We've always got each others backs.
He makes me laugh so hard it hurts.
He can do a magic trick with his teeth.

he'll do things that he hates just to put a smile on my face.

he lets me kick him in the face sometimes.

He appreciates my excellent taste in fashion.
Hope ya'll arent grossed out with all the love!
I probably shouldve warned ya. whoopsie :]
I know i'm not the only lucky girl with a special boyfriend/hubby.
Tomorrow Kyle and I are having a park date so I can play with the new camera.
So ya'll get prepared for some pretty nature pictures!
Hopefully the weather is as awesome as it was todayyy.


  1. A little gushing is always good! The picture in the snow is super cute:)


  2. Y'all are such a super fun couple! He needs to put a ring on it!

  3. Very sweet pictures. You have an awesome sense of humor. No wonder your boyfriend is so crazy about you.


  4. hahahaha.

    I liked stories with pictures.. it's my favorite kind of post to write!

    love all of this :) you all seem super happy together!

  5. Foundd you through FabuoikusButEvil's tweet about your post and you now have a new follower!

    Great post!

  6. Oh, I may vomit. Haha!

    Great post!!

  7. You guys are soo sweet!! xoxo