Opinions needed! Help a girl out.

Well heyyy there,
I need yalls advice! I'm going to be in a wedding this weekend, and I need an outfit for the rehearsal dinner, I dont have a dress so I tried to throw something together.
Let me know what yall think! 
Is this appropriate for a rehearsal dinner?
Anything I should change up?
Honesty is the best policy ;]
Top: Nordstrom, Skirt: Ross, Jacket: F21, Necklace: F21, Heels: Tillys

Okay, onto the next topic!
I am in major need of some new beauty products, I've been using the same old stuff basically since Jr High!
(NOT okay)
Unfortunately I dont have the money to go & buy myself all new make-up at this point,
but I can still document all of the things I'd love to have right? :]
I have never really been a huge make-up fan, 
I've always been the girl to throw on some bronzer, blush & mascara and that was as good as it was gonna get.
Butttt as I got older I stepped over to the wild side (HA!) and started using eye liner.
And i've always wanted to try new things, just not sure what are the best brands, products etc...
But anyways, here are the things i've got my eyes on...
Benefit tinted moisturizer, Since I'm not a fan of foundation & have super sensitive skin this would be SO perfect for me.

 Translucent touch up powder, I hear this stuff is fabulous! Thoughts? Have any of you used it? love it, hate it? Help a sister out ;]

Benefit ohh la lift! Which is like an instant eye lift, it brightens and perks up tired eyes.

Perfecting eye primer! 
I am an eye primer virgin, never used it! And this lady at Sephora said that was a big no no.
So, this definitely had to be on the list!
I have heard so many great things about the NAKED palette, and now I wantttt it. 

Is everyone enjoying their weekend?
I hope so!
This is my last weekend before school/student teaching begins for me!
Eek! :/


  1. Ohhh I want that palette SO BAD!

  2. i love your outfit! a ton! dont change anything!!

  3. Outfit - rehearsal dinner, yes. Wedding, probably not. I think a long card over it would be even better. (Your legs look nice by the way).

    Naked palette - soooooooo pretty!

    Eye primer - um...I have used it before. Now I just brush foundation over the lids. It actually works for me.


  4. I agree with Girlie Blogger, this is good for a rehearsal dinner, maybe not so much a wedding. Totally loving the outfit!

  5. This is a perfect outfit for a rehearsal dinner. Add a blazer on top of it. :D


  6. yes! i love the outfit :) i think its appropriate for a rehearsal dinner...have fun and let us know what you decide to wear :)

  7. I think it depends on where the dinner is. Could be a little casual if it is a very fancy dinner, but otherwise I think it's adorable and appropriate!!

  8. Lovely outfit! I work for Benefit Cosmetics and if your say my post ' Whats in my make-up bag' I alwayss use You Rebel and Oh la lift.You Rebel will look lovely on you!!



  9. um that outfit is killer, I adore ittttttt! So perdy :)And those heels? I NEED them!

  10. LOVE the outfit. Definitely appropriate. And, you're gorgeous :)
    I neeeeed the naked palette! And I know you'll do great with your student teaching.

  11. Love that outfit.. but more for an evening out. I usually try to wear a dress to a reheral dinner. :)

  12. Absolutely love this outfit!


  13. I just bought that tinted moisturizer. I haven't used it yet though. I also really want Naked 2!