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Button up: Walmart, Cardigan: Target, Jeans: F21, Boots: Madden girl via Zappos

I have a problem and I need yalls help...
My name is Monica, And I am addicted to coffee.
This is my life, every morning.
Okay so obviously i'm a coffee lover and I drink it almost every morning, 
butttttt I cant really afford crest white strips anymore 
Which means, the coffees gotta go before my teeth turn black forever.
This is where I need yalls help!
I really want to try to start drinking healthy teas in the morning instead, 
but I want the same affect that coffee gives me, and I want it to taste good too...
Are any of you special tea drinkers? What should I try?
Everytime I buy coffee at the grocery store I walk by the tea aisle,
and i've always been curious about all of the different kinds...
you know, there's those special ones that say they're "calming", or "sleepytime".
I just need somethinggggg
Something that tastes good, that I can drink in the morning to wake me up, but that is also good for me. 
Let me know people, I'm countin' on you girls!!
love this.


  1. I say you don't have to give up coffee at all! I drink coffee every morning too and couldn't live without it! What if you tried a teeth whitening toothpaste and mouthwash? The brands I've used before are Arm and Hammer brand and Colgate Advanced Whitening (I'm using now). The mouthwash that I've used and liked is Crest 3D White Mouthwash. Life's too short to give up things that make us happy! : )

  2. ohhh namesharer.. too funny because when I read- Hi my name is Monica and I'm addicted to coffee.. I was like, YES. YES I Am. hahaha.
    AND we just a keurig.. so it's going to be even worse!! eeek!!

    I will tell you- my absolute favorite tea is Darjeeling brand Constant Comment... it's in this old school looking box, and has I think orange and gold on the box!! IT is SOOO good.. It's a little spicy, with a very slight orange flavor.. And, I promise you, if you let it steep long enough, two cups of it will give you the same "crack caffeine" feeling that coffee would!!
    You should just get a multi pack of teas and try them out~~
    I also really like any Earl Grey tea's!
    Both of the ones I mentioned you can find at any grocery store and aren't super expensive! I personally think they are just as good as the super expensive random brands you can buy at tea stores~

    Let me know what you think ! ;)

  3. um i love that quote at the end
    nor do i think you need to work out [what you keep saying in previous post] you look bommmb diggity ;)) hehe i havent had my morning rockstar. so im delirious.
    but that outfit is cute;
    and i reallly like trader joe's teas? there is a raspberry one and i LOOOOVE IT

  4. have you ever thought about drinking your coffee through a straw? if it doesn't touch your teeth it can't stain them!

  5. I so wish I could pull off plaid like that--you look positively adorable! I also wish I was a tea drinker...sadly, I have an affinity for diet dr. pepper in the mornings, which is almost as bad as coffee ;) have a great sunday! xoxo {av}

  6. Your outfit is FANTASTIC. It's definitely what we wear here all the time (yes, Seattle is still full of flannels and plaid.)

    Looking great girl!


  7. I love Chai Tea. But it really isn't buzz-coffee like:)

    Uhm, this is going to be the worst advice anyone ever gives you, ready?

    Monster has an energy drink, 10 calories.. its Rehab Rojo Tea.. and uhm.. it will send you into an early grave, but it is so fantastic.

  8. Oh my goodness, I love your outfit! And my morning looks pretty similar, only I use Coffee mate creamer. : )

  9. I LOVE that outfit!!! And I'm a coffee addict too...also a red wine addict - its bad for the teeth:( Love that quote at the end...so true!

  10. Pick any two sounds about right for me--haha! I can't help you with the coffee/tea dilemma because I am a die hard coffee fanatic, and I don't think tea is any substitute! Coffee is my favorite ritual of the day . . . I can't imagine ever giving it up!

  11. love those boots. and don't worry... coffee addiction is just part of life :)

  12. Love the boots and the plaid shirt! I love Dunkin' Donuts Hazelnut coffee so that's what I drink. However, I think some of the other commenters are right. I always brush my teeth after I drink coffee (with whitening toothpaste). I often toss around the idea of using white strips but you're right: They are expensive!

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