There's someone I want you all to meet...

I have been bribed...
with this^^, my biggest weakness...
Why am I being bribed?
Because a certain someone wants to rank a little higher on the popularity chart,
and wanted an entire post dedicated to him on MY blog.
So I figured what better way then to turn this post into an auction.
Today I'm auctioning off someone very near and dear to me.
His name is Corey. 
And he is Kyle's cousin.
And one of you lucky ladies just MIGHT get lucky enough to go out on a date with him!
Or you can just read along, and let me entertain you for the next few minutes.
Shall we get started?
Here we go ladies...
Meet Corey.
Dont even try to pretend that this isnt one of the cutest things you've ever seen.
Now, I'm sure you're asking,
"why would I ever want to go on a date with a random guy I saw on a blog post?"
Let me show you why...
He's ALMOST as funny as Kyle.
He's a hard worker. 
He'll always be your biggest fan ;]
He'll give you adorable babies.
He's still a little boy at heart.
You will never be bored.
Him & Kyle may eventually join a circus.
He has a BANGIN figure ;]
Being spontaneous is always a good thing.
Corey is currently 25 years old, working a big boy job.
If you are interested leave a comment ;]
Actually leave a comment whether you're interested or not! haha

Is it really only Wednesday?!
I'm definitely going to need a margarita night with Kyle by Thursday.
Soooo ready for the weekend!


  1. I am DYING! This is amazing. AMAZING, I tell you! I wish I had some single friends to set him up with! Best post ever. (And he is so cute!)

  2. He is way good looking and looks like A LOT of fun. Hope he finds someone. I'll be right over to share that tub of icecream. ;)

  3. This post is so cute and so special1! I'll be there for the ice cream, too! :D

    I'm following you on Twitter now toooo yay

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  4. We need hottie mctoddies like this in Colorado!

  5. lol. I like Corey. He's got character. Thanks for the intro.

  6. oh wow. can i have that ice cream?

  7. This post made me crack up. That ice cream looks SO good. Oh my goodness gracious...Can't break my diet though : )

  8. this ice cream seems delicious
    I'm ready for the weekend too
    can't wait to go out!

  9. I want the ice cream!! This post is hilarious. New follower!!

  10. I try not to pimp myself out but..Wahooo. For him I will. :)

  11. hahahaha I am laughing so hard at the fact you are "auctioning off" your boyfriends cousin. hahaha genius! Too bad he lives in Texas and I am in DC... still laughing...

  12. LoL that boy seems pretty funny from the pics!

    Good luck! =D

    xoxo Rose


  13. I'm Dying (laughing). I just found your blog and I was browsing thru. Loving your outfit photos. But this post cracked me up. Loved all the funny captions haha.


  14. OMG He is so good looking! Too bad I'm not single anymore! Or located in the same area! Whew we, you just gave the girls in my class and I some decent eye candy! :)

  15. Everyone is posting about the ice cream when there is a single model on your page. lol.. He shouldn't have any trouble finding someone.. DEF HOTTIE.