A trip to Hobby Lobby

Mom and I went to hoblobs today!
(hobby lobby)
That's one of our favorite places to be.
For those of you that dont remember I moved into a hobbit hut (exaggeration) a few days ago.
Same apartment complex, just moved from a 2 bedroom into a 1 bedroom.
I have been blessed with big beautiful furniture and decorations all thanks to my generous Aunt.
And although I have adorable decorations, the space in my apartment isnt quite big enough. 
Soooo today I bought a few little things to add a little cuteness to the new place.
 1. Laundry Basket
(I had my old one since the beginning of college, literally a bright pink foldable, that was pretty much black and had wires poking out in all directions)
2. Cookbook
3. Cookbook stand
4. Picture Frames (I printed out the pictures inside)

5. Key holder
6. Cutest tray on the PLANET
7. Pretty noodles
Annndddddd some new pants! Eeee :]
These of course were not purchased at hoblobs, 
I actually discovered these at a new store I found named Garage?
I was in a rush so I didnt get to look around too much but it looked pretty cute!

So anyways, tomorrow I'm finally headed back to my little old apartment, I've been doing a lot more traveling than I was planning over the Holidays, but getting to see everyone I love was definitely worth all of the packing and unpacking and being in a car for hours on end.
I sure am excited to get back to my butterball tomorrow!
I havent seen him since New Years Day and it feels like FOREVER.
Doesnt he look handsome?
I've never known anyone that hates taking picture so much in my life.
And he chose to date the girl who is OBSESSED with picture taking.
Oh well, He's learning to love it ;]
not really.
He will though. 
or else.


  1. hahaha.
    my husband started out not liking to take pictures...
    I have him whipped into shape now girlfriend. He is a seasoned pro. HAHA
    Every time we go out with friends I'm like.. Honeyyyyy?
    And he's like "hand me the camera."
    He knows.

    Also. I am a HUGE fan of the hoblob. I miss being in the same state/city as my mom to be able to go with her!!!
    She always forgot what the name of it was and tried to call it holly lobby.
    (I don't get it?)

    Anyway. Good luck getting your new apartment together!


  2. I love Hobby Lobby! It is an addiction of mine, and my hubby hates it!! He loves the way our home looks though :)