Wine & Dine

I need to be wined & dined. Well I need to find a wine I like first.

I'm a little sad.
Yesterday I bought myself some ChocoVine, which is chocolate red wine.
I was pumpppeeddd when I came across this in the grocery store!
Seeing as I have an unhealthy addiction to sugar and anything sweet I just knew this would be amazing.
Well, last night I poured 2 glasses for me and kyle, and took a sip.
You know when your taste buds are shocked and you cant control your facial expressions?
well my face was doing that for about 10 seconds while Kyle stared at me in amusement.
Needless to say, It's a lot different than I expected.
I didnt waste the glass though! I drank it all. Yup. Every last sip.
I really wanted to love this wine, maybe I can train myself to love it. 
I cant seem to find a wine that I really love.
What are yalls favorites?! Any suggestions?

Today I Wore:
Top: F21, Jacket: F21, Jeans: Garage, Belt: thrifted, Boots: Wet Seal

It's Monday!
Which means, i'll be sitting on my couch all evening watching my favorite shows!
(The Bachelor & Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)


  1. Love your jacket. You look so cool.

    Yum. That wine sure looks delicious.


  2. Lol I've had so many similar reactions to certain wines! Haha My fav is Barefoot Moscato wine. It's really sweet, but it's perfect. What I always stick with. :) Such a cute outfit, too! Glad I found your blog :)

    Xo Emma

  3. Ohh that wine looks delish! Was it good? New follower :)

  4. Moscato (usually Barefoot) is the only one I've found that I like so far. Bonus, it's really cheap :)

  5. I agree with Mrs. Williams. Barefood Moscato is my absolute favorite! It's sweet!

    Also, my BFF's husband works for the company that distributes Chocovine. I happen to love it- it's like an adult yoohoo. They have a raspberry chocovine, which I don't find as...um, startling. lol

  6. i have never heard of that wine! crazy! i'm not sure how i feel about that, but i'm so curious. chocolate and red wine are so delicious together... separately... but maybe not combined?! also, i love love red wine but i don't like sweet wines so i'm not sure... but i feel like everyone likes a nice pinot noir, maybe? also, i've heard the cupcake vineyards red velvet is yummy!

  7. Ohhh love the top and jacket! Want want wantttt! Xoxo www.absolutleybeautiful.blogspot.com

  8. I prefer white wine, and my favorite is white zinfandel. Embarassed to say my favorite brand is actually the uuber cheap Sutter Home White Zin!

  9. I was super stoked to try the Chocovine too, everyone at our office Christmas party raved about it. I bought a bottle of chocolate Raspberry & chocolate and I was not thrilled. I'm not a wine drinker so I don't know what I was thinking. I'm with you maybe it'll grow on me.