Can I get a drum roll please?!

This was sposeda wait till tomorrow, BUT I just couldnt wait any longer!!!

Today I am introducing my VERY FIRST link up.
Throw back Thursdays!
 I seriously couldnt be more excited!

Starting TODAY, Every other Thursday will now be "Throwback Thursday"
Where I will post a picture & a memory that goes with it!
Who will be linking up with me?? 
The rules are simple:
1. If you are going to link up please add my button or a link to my blog on your post.
2. Share a photo and a memory that goes along with that photo!
 It can be from when you were a teeny little baby, or even 3 weeks ago!

This is me & my big sister Tara on Christmas morning.
We look so sweet & innocent right?
Well I was at least.
Tara on the other hand...well she always liked to be the boss.
As soon as I was born she took on the "big sister/mom" role & referred to me as
"MONICA LEE!" on the regular.
It was always, "Monica Lee! get outta there!" "Monica Lee, that's MY stuff!!!"
Tara was never afraid to express her opinions & she did so quite often.
On this delightful Christmas morning, Dad had his video camera out like usual,
and was recording us opening our presents from santa.
Every once in a while when our family is together we'll whip out an old video
& watch it together & laugh till we cry.
We were watching this video & had just finished listening to Tara boss me around.
(of course)
And then we heard one sentence...
 This sentence will never be forgotten in my family.
All of a sudden, In a sweet little 5 year old voice, we hear...
"I'm sick of all you slackers, just slackin around!"
Yup, that's my sister for ya.
To this day, we have NO idea where that came from.
And to this day we all continue to laugh hysterically at that little sentence.
I am SO thankful that my dad was obsessed with recording
the majority of our lives on his video camera.

One more thing...
I need yalls advice real quick!
Up there I said I was going to host this link up every OTHER Thursday,
Should I stick with that or do it EVERY Thursday?
Let me know! :]

Healthy Shakes & Summer crafts.

It even came with a bunch of yummy recipes!
Well it actually got here on Saturday morning!
And I started using it on Sunday night.
& let me just tell you, It is DELICIOUS!
Basically I'm just going to replace my usual "eat everything" dinners with this!
(It's a meal replacement shake)
I probably wont be having it every single day since Kyle & I love going out to eat.
But I'll be sure to let yall know how I like it & if im seeing results or changes!
I've been having a small snack with it also cuz I'm usually still a little hungry after I have it.

In other news...
I dont know about yall,
but I have NEVER been more excited for summer to get here.
Now, I'm always excited for summer time, but this year it's different.
This is my last summer before I become a "real grown up"
and have to get a big girl job.
This semester has been SO busy for me & I just cant wait to have free time!!
So today I'm going to share all of the lovely little things I want to make this summer.
I've seen a lot of DIY jewelry holders but this one is my fav!

Such a cool idea!
Color of the frame is PERFECT.
This will be in my future home, no doubt about it.
Shutter turned into magazine rack! Not sure why it's outside though.
I hope every single one of you are having a FABULOUS week so far!
I have something very excitinggggg for tomorrows post!
Well it's exciting for me at least!
I'm sure yall will like it too!


Target Tuesday

Linking up with my seester again!
Sharing all of the fabulous things I want from Target.

Here we go...

I've never really been a fan of maxi dresses,
but I feel like I may be rockin some out this summer.

LOVE this color, I have these in red
& they fit SO well.
Great pattern.
Adorable swimsuit top!!
I have an obsession w/ floral prints.
Okay Target, you definitely stepped it up since last week!
I am loving sooo many things right now!
This is making me want to spend all of my money!

Hope all my of my lovely followers are having a great week!
Oh, & I hope you all enjoyed the eye candy I posted yesterday ;]

And another thing...
I Really, really, really want to start a link up soon!
Just trying to think of something fun & clever!


Confessions & Proposals.

I have a confession to make.
I am in love with another man.
I still love Kyle with all my heart.
But I just cant help but to have inappropriate thoughts of this other man.
That being said.
Adam Levine,
Will you marry me?

This love affair began about a year ago when I first started watching "The Voice".
Which by the way, is one of the best shows ever.
I have never seen a more adorable smile in my life.
See what I mean?

So anyways, All I really need to do is convince him that I am better than this
Victoria's Secret model girlfriend of his.
& then ask Kyle if he's okay with me going on a few dates with Adam.
I'm sure Kyle and the VS model will be totally fine with it.


This Friday Night

Jacket: Thrifted, Top: F21 (old), Jeggings: F21, Boots: Madden Girl via Zappos, Ear rings: Old Navy

Last night was one of those nights,
You know, the ones where you realize how lucky you are & you just cant stop smiling.
Well, the night began a little something like this.

Kyle & I went to Olive Garden for an early dinner,
We were told the wait would be 10 minutes,
20 minutes later we decided they had forgotten about us 
so we went ahead and ordered some drinks.
(That's mine up there ^)
Unfortunately they didnt have my firefly iced tea vodka, so I had to man up & order myself a beer.
Which was delicious, because I'm a huge dos xx's fan anyways.
Once they finally realized we  never got seated they let us get an appetizer for free.
So, along with our bread sticks & salad we also got spinach & artichoke dip!
We were literally both stuffed before we could even order.
But we ordered anyways & ate till our tummys felt like they were gonna explode.
Afterwards in the car, we were just jammin to the radio when...
"Get low" came on... dont act like you dont know that song!
"To the windowwwww, to the walll"
  I sang/rapped every single word in the most unfortunate white girl way.
I rapped and danced away in my seat while Kyle was just staring & laughing,
and surprisingly telling me how sexy I was? 
I need to start rapping more often. ;]
So the song ended right as we pulled into my apt, & we walked up, opened my door,
turned on the radio on my phone and continued our little dance party.
The party finally ended & we were laying down exhausted on my couch,
and I decided I was going to be really sweet.
I told Kyle to get comfortable cuz I was going to give him a full body massage.
The look on his face was priceless.
So I did, from his little ears all the way down to his toes,
and we both loved every minute of it.
It gets even better.
Since I was oh so kind, we got to watch Say Yes to the Dress for an entire hour!
& I know Kyle secretly loved it, he was giving his opinions on girls dresses & asking questions.
It was so cute.

Oh, & remember how in yesterdays post I wrote a letter to Kyle
 saying I was going to give him 637 kisses?
It happened. 
Maybe even a few extra! 

Hoorayyy for the weekend!!!!!!


Fridays Letters...

Dear Supervisor, thank you for being an extremely easy grader and giving me a 100 on the lesson that you observed me teaching yesterday, you have officially boosted my confidence level in the classroom. Dear Love Handles, Please get the hell away from me. Dear Boyfriend, I'm going to kiss you 637 times tomorrow and make you watch The Twilight Saga with me, get ready. Dear Shakeology, You're going to be here soon & you better do your job & make me better looking because my body hates me right now. Dear BFF since 7th grade, I hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday, I am real real sad that we couldnt celebrate & play at the park together, why did you have to move cities? Dear Smartphone, are you going to give me arthritis one day? Like should I be preparing myself? Dear Coffee, I love you so much, and I will never leave you. Dear Sun, please stop teasing me with your one day appearances, I need you in my life and on my skin.
 Dear Blog Friends, thank you for being so awesome, really though.
Cardigan: Target, Dress: F21


Welcome to therapy.

Hi, My name is Monica,
and I am a stress/emotional eater.
It's true yall. 
I have officially gained 6 lbs since this semester started.
Like it's getting a tad ridiculous.
I like to come home and eat everything in sight.
And then sit down and get all my work done, and maybe have a snack while im doing that.
What's happening to me?!?! 
Since my own will power obviously isnt doing the trick,
I've gotta make a change & do something to get myself healthy & happy again.
There's this thing called Shakeology.

Have any of you heard of it?
It's basically a meal replacement shake, that's super delicious, and is really good for you.
I know a lot of people that have used it and say it's the greatest thing ever.
Well, I broke down and just ordered it.
I have the biggest sweet tooth in the world.
That is not an exaggeration by the way.
I have been known to eat an entire gallon of ice cream in one day,
and still want more.
This little shake, stops sweet cravings, TASTES like ice cream,
AND it has tons of nutrients and amazing healthy things for my body.
It's definitely worth the money to me.
It's a little pricey, but if you think about it, it's really just $4 a day for a meal.
I'm going to try it out for a month and see if I like it & if it's really for me,
They say you see better results if you work out,
obviously that's another area where i'm slacking,
I may not be working out every day, but I can get myself to the gym every once in a while.
I'm REALLY excited about this.
I'm excited that I'm going to have a yummy shake to have for dinner every night,
that's actually healthy and fueling my body with nutrients and all those other good things!
I'm excited that I'm doing something good for myself & my health.
Even though it was really hard for me to type my credit card # in and press "place order".
I know that this is going be perfect for me,
especially with my schedule right now.
I dont necessarily need to lose a lot of weight,
I just want to make healthier decisions,
and I really think this is a great way to start.
Weeeeee! I cant wait for it to get here!

That's all for now! 
I'll have some good, fun posts for yall soon, so dont go anywhereeee ;]


Dear Pinterest,

This is what my night consisted of last night.
pinterest and wine.
I am so sleep deprived and cringe at the thought of typing another lesson plan.
So I did what any girl would do when they're trying to escape reality.
And I spent my entire evening
 Pinning hundreds of delicious recipes that I will probably never make,
Stalking cute outfits until I discover the store that sells it
 & add it to my "shopping bag" with absolutely no intention on actually buying it.
Staring at "fitness inspiration" pictures while eating a large bag of doritos. 
Memorizing make up techniques which might be helpful if I actually knew how to apply eye shadow.
Laughing out loud at inappropriate e-cards, by myself. 
So, I wanted to say thank you.
Thank you pinterest, for helping me escape my life 
& pretend that I am the most domesticated, healthy and stylish person around.

Here's a little bit of everything...

Hope everyones having a good week, I cant believe spring break is only a few weeks away!



I'm actually laughing,
even though it looks like I'm about to sneeze.
Top: F21, Jeans: Garage, Boots: Wet Seal

I'm not sure why, but I think I love this?

Obsessing over biker boots lately.

Okay, I hate to say this.
But I'm actually a little disappointed with Target this week.
I had to look really hard to find things I wanted.
And they arent even things that I absolutely love.
Step up your game Target, you know better!

Anywhooo, this week is super stressful for me, what's new right?
My supervisor is coming to observe me teach on Thursday
(not fun)
And me and Kyle are having difficulties buying the rodeo tickets,
ahhhh I'm gonna be so sad if we cant go.
Prayers needed this week people!