Bunch of Lovin

I just had to express my gratitude for yalls amazing recipe ideas you shared with me!
I'm stilllll not positive what I'm going to make Kyle yet, 
I'm still kind of leaning towards chicken & dumplings,
but I need to find a peerrrffffeeccttt recipe for it! 
So who's got one?!

Since Kyle and I are both SO busy during the week,
I'm kind of thinking I'll do the dinner this weekend,
& then surprise him with a little romance on Tuesday night. 
I came across this awesome website today and they have the cutest date night ideas!
Like, I haven't been able to get off of it since I got home!
I think I'm going to do a "at home spa night"
He literally begs me for massages every other minute.
and it'll be an additional gift giving him a chance to rub my body.
(haha, joke!...kind of)
What is everyone else doing for valentines day??

I cant wait for the weekend to be here!
{I say that at least 10 times a week...whatever.}
One of my favorite people ever, (Patric) is coming to town!
Kyle grew up with him and they're basically family,
 and we are just the 3 best friends that anyone could have.
So I'm sure i'll be posting lots of pictures of us from this weekend!
Valentines Day is getting closerrrrr and closerrrr,
Weeee I need to get it together!

So instead of posting the regular outfit picture, 
or lovey dovey pictures of Kyle & I,
Ive got something even BETTER!
The cutest little love birds in the world...

 Show someone some kind of lovin' today!


  1. Those pictures of the little ones melted my heart. HOW PRECIOUS!!! <3

    Sounds like a great Valentine's celebration!!!

  2. I just found your blog through a different one, and girl . . . you are SO cute! I haven't made chicken and dumplings before, so I'm not too much help there. But, those pictures are darling. Ah. I love Valentine's Day.

  3. Such a pretty girl you are:)

    Those little ones are pretty adorable..

    Valentines Day.. oh man.

  4. This is the cutest post I've ever seen! Love all these pictures :)

  5. Love those pictures! And you are too pretty! Loving your blog. newest reader!