Can I get a drum roll please?!

This was sposeda wait till tomorrow, BUT I just couldnt wait any longer!!!

Today I am introducing my VERY FIRST link up.
Throw back Thursdays!
 I seriously couldnt be more excited!

Starting TODAY, Every other Thursday will now be "Throwback Thursday"
Where I will post a picture & a memory that goes with it!
Who will be linking up with me?? 
The rules are simple:
1. If you are going to link up please add my button or a link to my blog on your post.
2. Share a photo and a memory that goes along with that photo!
 It can be from when you were a teeny little baby, or even 3 weeks ago!

This is me & my big sister Tara on Christmas morning.
We look so sweet & innocent right?
Well I was at least.
Tara on the other hand...well she always liked to be the boss.
As soon as I was born she took on the "big sister/mom" role & referred to me as
"MONICA LEE!" on the regular.
It was always, "Monica Lee! get outta there!" "Monica Lee, that's MY stuff!!!"
Tara was never afraid to express her opinions & she did so quite often.
On this delightful Christmas morning, Dad had his video camera out like usual,
and was recording us opening our presents from santa.
Every once in a while when our family is together we'll whip out an old video
& watch it together & laugh till we cry.
We were watching this video & had just finished listening to Tara boss me around.
(of course)
And then we heard one sentence...
 This sentence will never be forgotten in my family.
All of a sudden, In a sweet little 5 year old voice, we hear...
"I'm sick of all you slackers, just slackin around!"
Yup, that's my sister for ya.
To this day, we have NO idea where that came from.
And to this day we all continue to laugh hysterically at that little sentence.
I am SO thankful that my dad was obsessed with recording
the majority of our lives on his video camera.

One more thing...
I need yalls advice real quick!
Up there I said I was going to host this link up every OTHER Thursday,
Should I stick with that or do it EVERY Thursday?
Let me know! :]


  1. this is a cute idea; i love it
    i think you should see how it goes and then decided when!

  2. omg great idea :) ill def link up next week!

  3. hahaha! I love it! That is hilarious.

  4. Haha! I was only a little bit bossy!!

  5. Haha! I was only a little bit bossy!!

  6. Sweet little Mermaid book. Ariel is a fox, no?

  7. Cute link-up! I'll have to join in next round ;) That's a great line about slackers-- I wish I had more videos of when we were kids!!

  8. Hahaha, that definitely sounds like Tara!

  9. Hi! :) I follow your sister Tara, and decided to hop on over and follow your blog as well! :) I already love it, and am looking forward to following your journey! :)

    Breanna :)

  10. Thanks so much for the linking opportunity. I love looking through old pictures, so this one was perfect for me! I don't know if I could faithfully update every Thursday, but probably every other week I can participate!

  11. Cool blog, keep up the good work!! You are invited to follow my blog anytime!! Have a great day!!

  12. This is such a stinkin cute idea! Love it! I may have to join next week :) Newest reader!