Dear Pinterest,

This is what my night consisted of last night.
pinterest and wine.
I am so sleep deprived and cringe at the thought of typing another lesson plan.
So I did what any girl would do when they're trying to escape reality.
And I spent my entire evening
 Pinning hundreds of delicious recipes that I will probably never make,
Stalking cute outfits until I discover the store that sells it
 & add it to my "shopping bag" with absolutely no intention on actually buying it.
Staring at "fitness inspiration" pictures while eating a large bag of doritos. 
Memorizing make up techniques which might be helpful if I actually knew how to apply eye shadow.
Laughing out loud at inappropriate e-cards, by myself. 
So, I wanted to say thank you.
Thank you pinterest, for helping me escape my life 
& pretend that I am the most domesticated, healthy and stylish person around.

Here's a little bit of everything...

Hope everyones having a good week, I cant believe spring break is only a few weeks away!


  1. HAHA! This post just made me love you more! I am SO glad to hear that I'm not the only one eating junk WHILE looking at those fitness inspirations. I'll go running as long as I get my fair share of donuts ;)
    And seriously, I have so many eyeshadow tutorials pinned.... but I don't think that's gonna help me with my inability to apply make up!
    What's your pinterest? I need to follow!

  2. Ugh, I do this too. I tell myself it's a twenty minute break from grading papers and then an hour and a half goes by. Usually, there are cookies involved instead of doritos...

  3. That's what pinterest is for!! Thanks for the laugh and making me hungry :)

  4. Staring at "fitness inspiration" pictures while eating a large bag of doritos. ahahahahahaahahah.

    You know, I cannot apply eye shadow either. It's a problem, I should hit up youtube. Maybe take classes? What if I was kidding?

    Ecards are the best. Period.

  5. LOVE this post because it is SO true - I do the exact same thing! Love it:)

  6. Haha, your night sounds like a lot of my nights! Triple love Pinterest and recreating outfits! :)

    www.livingbarefootandcrazy.blogspot.com ♥

  7. Too funny! I love those blunt cards! And seriously pinterest is so addicting! It gets me every time!