Did I really just say that?

I am officially one of "those" people.
You know, the ones that say the most inappropriate things at the wrong times.

As you all know (most of you anyway) I am currently in my last semester of college.
Student Teaching.
Anyways, I was placed in an inclusion classroom so I have 2 teachers that I'll be working with.
The special ed teacher is a male who may or may not be somewhat attractive,
 & the regular ed teacher is a female who is very sweet. 
So, these are my "co teachers" that I'll be working with every single day until May.

Okay things are about to get weird...
The other night I had a strange dream about my co teacher, We'll call him Mr. A.
Dont worry, it wasnt sexual.
He basically just professed his love for me.
and it got awkward, because i'm in love with someone else, duh.
So anyways, since then, I've had this awful paranoid feeling that he KNOWS about my dream.
That somehow, someway, he knows that I had this dream about him,
And that he thinks I have a weird schoolgirl crush on him.
So anyways, My friend Kate and I (also a student teacher) are walking down the hall,
and Mr. A just so happens to be walking towards us...
He was carrying his laptop, and had a mouse cord wrapped around him,
and he was holding the mouse cord to where the mouse was dangling around by his leg.
...It looked funny...
Brace yourselves.
So Kate & I are just walking and talking, and Kate says,
 "Ha! He's just swinging that mouse around like it's nothing"
and then brilliant ol me, decides to say out loud...
"You're just swingin that mouse around arent ya! :]"
Conscious: "What Monica?! What does that even mean?! I know Kate just said it & it sounded funny but that doesnt mean you repeat it out loud TO that person!"
This pretty much sums up his reaction.
The Awkward, "I'm uncomfortable" laugh, a long with an eye brow raise.

It was about 10 seconds later when I realized that what I had just said could sound extremely inappropriate & sexual.

Did I really just sexually harass the teacher that I have to see every single day for the next 3 months?
Like did he legitimately think I was talking about his di**?!
I am mortified.
And I am certain that my face was blood red for at least 4 hours after that incident.
Needless to say, these next few months should be interesting.


  1. Hahaha oh dear poor you! Im sure that has happened to me before! Word vomit much?!!
    Hope your student teaching is going well :) I aspire to teach beauty therapy one day !!

    www.absolutleybeautiful.blogspot.com xx

  2. Hahaha. I've done stuff like that before!! Hopefully he just didn't get it and completely forgot about it!

  3. Bahahahah! Too funny girl! Thanks for making my Friday!

  4. Awesome. So funny I'd prob do something similar.

    Happy weekend.


  5. Hahaha! This just made my morning!! You are the BEST, Monica :) Love ya!

  6. Ohhh I thought you were saying that YOU got sexually harassed...other way around...haha!! ;) Too funny. (Sorry!)

  7. Ohhh I thought you were saying that YOU got sexually harassed...other way around...haha!! ;) Too funny. (Sorry!)