First vlog link up!

Today I'm doing my very first vlog ever!
I'm linking up with Megan over at PIPM & Shasta over at ShastaAnne!
So excited :]

Sorry for all of the "um"s and the weird lip smacking, I get nervous in front of the camera.
haha seriously though.

Here are the pictures of the dolphins from when we went deep sea fishing!

They dont even look real huh?!
It was seriously the coolest thing!
I love the last picture cuz you can see mine and Kyles reflection looking at them from the boat!
Happy Monday everyoneee!


  1. Oh no! The video is set to private. :(

  2. Such a cute video ! Love it ! Congrats honey !!
    I am your newest follower , hope i'll be hearing from you in the near future ! xx

  3. You did great on your first vlog :) Loved it!

  4. congrats on the 1st vlog, you did really awesome. I love the pictures sooo freakin pretty. I went on a dolphin tour one time and got to see a baby dolphin that was really cool.

  5. ok this was awesome!!! i have always wanted to go deep sea fishing!! and i totally "and" and um it through all my vlogs - this was great!

  6. Cute vlog, girl!! And I love the dolphins :)