Healthy Shakes & Summer crafts.

It even came with a bunch of yummy recipes!
Well it actually got here on Saturday morning!
And I started using it on Sunday night.
& let me just tell you, It is DELICIOUS!
Basically I'm just going to replace my usual "eat everything" dinners with this!
(It's a meal replacement shake)
I probably wont be having it every single day since Kyle & I love going out to eat.
But I'll be sure to let yall know how I like it & if im seeing results or changes!
I've been having a small snack with it also cuz I'm usually still a little hungry after I have it.

In other news...
I dont know about yall,
but I have NEVER been more excited for summer to get here.
Now, I'm always excited for summer time, but this year it's different.
This is my last summer before I become a "real grown up"
and have to get a big girl job.
This semester has been SO busy for me & I just cant wait to have free time!!
So today I'm going to share all of the lovely little things I want to make this summer.
I've seen a lot of DIY jewelry holders but this one is my fav!

Such a cool idea!
Color of the frame is PERFECT.
This will be in my future home, no doubt about it.
Shutter turned into magazine rack! Not sure why it's outside though.
I hope every single one of you are having a FABULOUS week so far!
I have something very excitinggggg for tomorrows post!
Well it's exciting for me at least!
I'm sure yall will like it too!


  1. ok i NEED that credit card/phone holder gadget - so smart! And i'm with you - I'm so ready for summer!

    Please let me know how you like the shakes - I have the same issue. I'm fairly certain, "dinner" shouldn't last from 6 to 9pm ;)

  2. Wonderful crafts - Im loving it!!!

    Shakes...YUM :) Which one is your fav so far?

  3. Yay your shakes arrived! Good for you for creating a plan and sticking to it! I love all those crafts...especially the jewelry holder - I might need to make one of those too!

  4. I need something to hang all our keys on!!

  5. Thanks for your thoughts on the shake - I've been thinking about ordering that for a while now, but I was a little worried about how it would taste - thanks so much! :)

  6. I want to do all of those crafts! Especially the jewelery holder because I desperately need one...

  7. I pinned that frame key thing too and M refused to sign off on it, he thinks is ugly, and he's so wrong.

    I'm excited for tomorrow!!


  8. u have definetely a lovely blog dear:)



  9. those are all super cute and simple idea!!!

    cute blog you have!

  10. Love the jewelry holder!


  11. I take shakeology myself too. Its amazing! How are you liking it? The strawberry tropical just came out and I plan on getting that soon! Check out my blog for health & fitness related information :)

    Coach Lloyd