It's okay Thursday!

Guess what?!

I love "It's ok Thursdays".
It's Ok...
It's okay that I have no social life whatsoever right now,
because I have all my blogger friends and Kyle who love me unconditionally even though I get REAL busy sometimes...

It's okay that I spend a majority of my free time shopping online for things I cant afford,
because it's always good to have a list of wants JUST in case a random cash flow comes in, right?!

It's okay that I'm not very excited about Valentines day this year,
because that means I wont be disappointed if Kyle gets me something stinky...haha

It's okay that I'm stuffing my face with cheeto puffs and getting orange crumbs all over my computer right now,
because I can clean it off....hopefully... :/

It's okay that I'm putting off all my assignments until tomorrow night,
because Dance Moms is on and these cheeto puffs really need my attention right now...
(does anyone else watch dance moms?!?!)

It's okay that I legitimately just had a panic attack and maybe shed a few tears because I thought Kyle broke my coffee maker...
Actually that's not okay, It's psychotic and ridiculous. haha Coffee's #1 fan right here!!

Now onto the other link up i've joined,
which issssss....
Photo a day in February

1. My view today.

Didnt get a picture,
because I was in a classroom all day...haha I promise the rest of these will get better!!!

2. Words
This is a letter/note Kyle wrote me a while back, I had to blur it b/c he would kill me! & cuz it's a little personal, but everytime I look at it I'm reminded of how loved I am & how lucky I am to have someone like that in my life.
Love you baby doll. :]
This is one of my absolute favorite prayers, probably because no matter what problem it is that im facing, when I say this prayer it always seems to encourage me & comfort me.
God is great.

It's AMOST friday yall!
Can I get a HALLELUJAH!?
Shout out to all my new followers!
I seriously get a gigantic smile on my face every time I get a new follower.
LOVE knowing that people enjoy my blog and are actually coming back!


  1. 1. I love Dance Moms and 2....you aren't going to believe this but I watched is yesterday while eating Jax cheese puffs - is this meant to be or what?? HAHA

  2. Dance Moms?! Never seen it but sounds like I need to! Love the post and wooohaaa wooohaaaa, it's almost FRIDAY!!!! :)

  3. Thanks for this uplifting post. LOL. I have no social life either, but they, it's OK.


  4. Love all of these, great list! good luck with assignments~


  5. Uhm, I had a cheetos incident the other day. Puffs version. In the hair.

    I'm 5. You can be older because it probably didn't get in your hair.

    Those moms. are. crazy.