Last night.

Top: F21, Jeans: TJ Maxx, Boots: Wet Seal

Patric is in town!
So the first thing we did was went to our favorite mexican restaurant to get some margaritas!
We laughed a lot. 
and talked about our lives.

Our original plan was to get our bowl on after dinner!
but after the food and drinks and tons of laughs we were a little worn out.
We made a random trip to Kyles friends house
 because they just HAD to show us this crazy loud fire work that he had.
Favorite boys ever.

So we walked ourselves into the woods in pitch black darkness.
Apparently we were about to do something illegal.
(I love how I seem to get myself in these situations)
And they set off the fire work and HOLY CRAP it was loud!
It's so funny how boys get SO excited over the littlest things. 
 I heard the fire work, agreed that it was loud and was ready to go back inside.
The boys were just in awe out the loudness and thought it was the coolest thing.
Gotta love em. 

So anyways, we didnt end up going bowling because apparently we're all 86 year olds.
But I'm pretty sure we're going today!
As well as going to see Emory Quinn perform at this little place called Floores!
Do I know who Emory Quinn is?
NOPE! haha
But I do love country music,
 and this girl will do anything that sounds remotely fun
after the long weeks I've been having!

Hope everyone else enjoyed their Friday!!
And thanks to those of you who are helping me laugh at myself
 over my horrifying experience with my co-teacher the other day! 
haha love you girls!


  1. My husband and his little brother love fireworks, which may or may not be home made... They always have to show me just how loud they can get haha love it!

  2. I just wish you lived next door to me, but I think I would also have to wish that we were BFF's while I'm on the subject of wishing.. because I would raid your closet every single day.

    Oh bowling, how I hate it.

    No more mouse comments. K?

  3. I agree with the above comment! Looking lovely ! You and Kyle are so cute! I solo want to visit America! X

  4. I got SO excited when I saw Floores! I live in NOLA now, but I lived in Boerne for about 2 years and I loved going to Floores and getting Fried Pickles. Oh, how I love their fried pickles!!!