The lotion that changed my life.


Top: Hurley Outlet, Button Up: Hurley Outlet, Jeans: F21, Boots: Madden girl via Zappos

Let's get straight to the point.
Everyone looks better with a tan.
I have been in love with the sun ever since I was just a little nugget.
Lucky for me I have skin that tans very easily and my tan usually stays for a long time.
Not everyone is so fortunate though.
I used to get tanning memberships every winter, 
and then I realized how awful those beds were to my skin.
I'm not one of those lucky girls who has beautiful flawless olive skin,
I get freckles, and moles, and all those great things that every woman despises.
(not so much the freckles)
So what's a girl to do to get a nice tan without damaging her skin?
I cant afford to get spray tanned, and they kind of scare me to be honest.
So I went on a search.
I needed to find myself some kind of tanning lotion that REALLY worked.
I tried a lot of different things and finally I found a tanning lotion that worked for me.
The tan looked SO real, and it basically worked over night!
I never got streaks or weird orange looking lines
 (unless I was in a hurry & not paying attention)
This lotion was amazing.
Everyone would constantly ask me,
 "Omg, how are you so tan?! you look so good!"
My response? "Oh thanks! ya it's natural, I'm just really lucky!"
KIDDING! haha 
I told everyone about this lotion and how great it was!
okay, okay, are yall anxious yet?!
Jergens Natural Glow EXPRESS.
Now, I've used the other Jergens gradual tanning lotions
 and I never saw a change in my skin color.
You have to make sure you get the "EXPRESS" kind.
This lotion works really well for me so I dont use it too often, 
Maybe twice a week, if I'm going somewhere special or just want to look a little more sun kissed.
I put it on all over right after the shower and I wait a little while before I put clothes on,
I dont think it would stain your clothes,
 but I just like to let my skin air out a little.
Another extremely important thing, ALWAYS wash your hands after you put it on.
I've made the mistake a few times, just because I was lazy.
I didnt wash my hands and I had orange-ish streaks in between my fingers.
not cute.
I also use use this lotion on my face sometimes,
but when I do, I always do it at night right before bed.
One of my really good friends also started using this lotion
& she is more fair skinned, and it still worked for her!
So for those of you looking for a tanning lotion I highly suggest this one!
I cant guarantee that it will work for everyone, but it has done wonders for me!  


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I have been thinking about getting a spray tan but they are so expensive and rarely look even! My pale skin needs a little boost, esp with wedding season on the horizon! Getting this ASAP!

  2. I've used the gradual Jergens before and it wasn't that great but I'll have to try this!

  3. Great post Monica, I'm from an island where everyone has gorgeous tans all year round so I'm feeling like a pale gecko right now in Amsterdam. I'll see if I can find Jergens in Europe (Doubtful) but Dove is a great alternative! I love your blog, such a nice layout! Thanks for stopping by Skip to Malou* and following! Looking forward to reading more of your blog :) XXX Malou

  4. Serious? I am SO happy you posted this! I definitely need to tan up my skin, but I don't do tanning beds. Skin cancer runs too heavily in my family. I can't wait to try this!

  5. i am pretty sure i am going to get this lotion soon. because i def look better with a tan.

    thanks for finding me! i can't wait to keep reading!

  6. You're such a cutie! So glad I found your blog. I'm absolutely going to have to try that lotion now. Would love if you could check out my blog as well. xo


  7. i love this stuff! in the wintertime, i use it on my face about 1-2 times a week, and i love it. it also saves me from having to wear any other makeup!

  8. I used to use this. Yes. It provides a beautiful golden glow.


  9. I've tried so many tanning lotions and for the most part have lucked out with them. But since I'm a little obsessed with trying new products I'll give it a try! I get those ugly little moles too girl...

  10. Maybe.. just maybe there is hope for an alibino like me???


  11. I use it too! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! and the Nivea one that is "shame minimizing" on occasion -- I love that one too!

  12. I use jargons natural glow like it's going out of style! But how come I don't look as tan as you?

  13. hmm.. i might have to try this! i am so white that i always end up orange though! =/

  14. I have another AMAZING one for ya. It's what I use because I am so pasty in the winter! It's called "Fake Bake". You need gloves to put it on and I swear by it. You should try it out...It's $30 but I promise you'll love it!

  15. Amazing outfit dear!
    Gorgeous blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  16. I'm SO glad you posted this...I've been wanting to try that lotion for like three years now, but I've been afraid. I've used almost every type of sunless tanning lotion - right now I'm using Banana Boat and it works really well. But now I'm definitely gonna try the Jergens Express!!

  17. I'm your newest follower!! Love your blog and I'm totally gonna check out this lotion!! I'm so pale right now I could pass at a Cullen!!

    Have a FAB weekend!!


  18. Your hair color looks so good on you :)

  19. You're too cute! Love those boots! Found you through the link up party!

  20. I seriously love all of your outfits :) Every single one of them is adorable! You're my fashion inspiration :)

  21. I am sooooo with you! I love the lotion tans because they aren't too scary! I will have to try the one you use! Thanks for the tip! Happy Monday!

  22. So glad I found this post. I love the sun so dang much, and living close to a beach doesn't help the situation :) I'll have to try this for sure....When you say you use it on your face, but only right before bed, why is that? Just curious.

  23. Great post! I'm going to buy it today, sounds like a great product!

    p.s. you've gorgeous hair!