My butt hurts.

Yesterday I wasnt feeling too great but I still managed to get myself to the gym!
And holy crap I am feeling it today, but I love itttt!
My butt & legs are so incredibly sore.
What did I do?
I went easy on myself since it's been a while lol
3 sets of squats-with bar
3 sets of lunges-holding 10 lb weights
3 sets of deadlifts-holding 15 lb weights
3 sets of side bends-holding 15 lb weights
30 minutes on the elliptical on interval.
Okay, now that's NOTHING compared to the work outs I used to do regularly.
and I'm THIS sore from just doing that ^^ that means I need to get back on my grind.

Since I wasnt feeling well Kyle took me to get my favorite soup for dinner.
Broccoli & Cheese

Mmmm it was delicious!
& then we went to one of our favorite places!
& got some movies so we could have ourselves a nice relaxing movie night.
We love movie nights.
He doesnt know I took this one. Teehee.
So anyways, the original plan was to get, "The Texas Killing Fields",
"The Twilight Saga" & then a boy movie for him...
But Of course they were sold out of the movies I wanted.
So we ended up getting 2 boy movies, "Moneyball" & "Drive"
We ended up watching Moneyball & it was pretty good!
He definitely owes me a chick flick night though!
Which, by the way, I dont think has ever happened since we've been together.
& it probably never will happen.
Oh well.

So anyways I think I'm gonna start making Sundays my "run days".
Of course I'll do cardio during the week, but I'll mainly do the elliptical & bike.
Today, I'm going to run 3 miles & then do 2 pilates videos that focus on my core.
I'll post the videos that I end up doing tomorrow for yall :]

Is everyone off tomorrow for Presidents day?!
I'm not :(
I have to go to the elementary school & go to meetings & then plan for the week.


  1. Um I believe your workout was a legit workout! I can't believe you used to crazier things! And yes please share the Pilates videos!

  2. I love the feeling after a good work out!

  3. I am a total workout fanatic. Need to try your routine.

  4. Ah, Twilight... Swoon. Love it!!

    As for redbox, have you seen Contagion yet? My boyfriend & I rented it last night and it was amazing!!!

    You go girl, working out on a Sunday! Do some crunches for me lol

  5. sweet pictures!! juss came across your blog! do drop by my blog sometime..follow eachother thru GFC if u like :))

  6. lol at least your working out, i need to start doing the same :)

  7. props to you with all the working out! I took an abs and butt class at my gym on Friday, and I am STILL sore, but I am taking that as a good sign! The same exact thing happened to me and the bf with redbox-Moneyball and Drive is what we ended up with, wasn't Drive so incredibly gory? good but gross.

  8. Drive ruined my entire love for elevators. I hope you didn't watch it:) But I still love that Noah Calhoon just as much.

    I hope your legs stayed on, because I swear you feel like they'll fall off after a delayed workout.. Not that I know becasue I have only exercised twice in my entire life.

    Happy lame Presidents day, that's the worst:(

  9. That soup looks delicious! And you and your bf are so cute!


  10. cute pictures! sounds like a perfect night to me. : ) I'm a teacher and I have tomorrow off - all schools should be off! i'm sorry!

  11. mmm... that soup looks so yummy!

    you guys are SUCH a cute couple!

    happy weekend!