Sometimes I let Kyle dress himself...
Yes, he's wearing a belt with his pajama pants.
Kyle chooses to wear all of the clothing he'll need for the next day,
 rather than throwing a few items in a bag.
He's special.

Sometimes I wear the same pants 2 days in a row.
They're just so great!
Sometimes I pretend I'm a professional couponer.
I LOVE getting coupons, I cut them out all the time, and I think I've actually used them...
maybe once.
Sometimes bowling alleys have the best cheeseburgers ever.

Sometimes I like to pretend I'm a biker.

Sometimes I think girl scout cookies work better than therapy.

Weekends are my best friend.


  1. Love your outfit in the second photo xx

  2. That's so funny that he WEARS the clothes he would pack! That made me chuckle!

  3. Bowling alley food is so good! I love your outfit :)

  4. Super cute post!! Love it :)
    Kyle seems like fun!
    Your outfit is gorgeous - like you! Happy Sunday!

  5. Those pants are fantastic! I'd wear them all week; work it girl! :)

  6. Seriously.... you are SO HOT! I say that in a totally non creepy way. Why can't I look as good as you? Haha!
    When Eric dresses himself... he wears the same color from head to toe. His favorite is to wear a brown hat, brown shirt, brown shirts and belt, white ankle socks, and brown shoes. It's AWFUL! I make him change every time. Haha! I swear he does it just to see my reaction.

  7. weekends are the bEST!

    yum cookies!

  8. how are you so skinny and eat all of that; i hates you ;))
    yes i let matt dress himself. and um he is colorblind so sometimes that is NOT a good look haha

  9. MMM I want some girl scout cookies. You are too pretty!

  10. haha! this is an awesome post. i love your honesty & your style!

  11. I love those jeans! I'd totally re-wear them. So cute! I agree with you... weekends are also my best friend. Stay away, Monday!

  12. That is so something my hubs would do...He has some god-awful tanktops to top it all off! My GF and I found a groupon for getting your motorcycle license, so we are going to be real bikers soon! Well, hopefully ;)

  13. love this post! girl scout cookies make everything better:)

  14. Now I want some cute white jeans!
    And girl scout cookies :-)