Things I learned this weekend...

It's cold outside!

Top: Target, Jacket: F21, Leggings: Target, Leg warmers: F21, Boots: Shoe carnival. Scarf: F21

Things Learned:
1. Texas Sweet Tea is the best drink ever and makes me 10x funnier than I already am ;]
2. I will never be able to give up coffee. ever.
3. The only reason I watch Transformers is to stare at Megan Fox's perfect body so JUST maybe I'll feel motivated enough to work out the next day.
4. I want to punch every single person that lives above me in the face.
5. Buying a Victorias Secret swimsuit doesnt mean I'll look like a victorias secret model wearing it.
6. Swinging at a park is quite possibly the most relaxing and freeing activity.
7. Always make time for people, always.
8. Stress is the devil. literally. Stop worrying, God is in control.

This past week was a really rough one for me,
I kind of let my stress get the best of me
& wasnt the most pleasant person in the world (to say the least).
Even though this week isnt going to be any easier,
 I'm going to do my best to find the positive in every single situation that I'm put in.
I'm going to be appreciative of the life God has blessed me with.
I will not take people/time for granted.
And I will continue to smile no matter how exhausted/stressed/sad/angry I am.
So here are some words of encouragement that help keep me going throughout the week, and hopefully they will help some of yall who need a little boost this next week!

Everyone should print this out. Really though.


  1. Your outfit is adorable :) You live in Texas?

    I hear you about being stressed.. but than again I'm too blessed to be stressed.. Heres to a better week!


  2. totally agree. stress is the spawn of satan. ha :-) its pointless and yet you can't help but give in sometimes?! But God is always in control. A great reminder! :-)
    p.s. you should totally come check out my Ona Bag giveaway...if you're into photography that is?!


  3. Why hello my dear, I so hope that this week is kinder on your heart. :)

    Oh I don't miss my apartment at all.. don't punch em.. although I know you wouldn't.

  4. you look so cute. loving that outfit! i'm not a fan of sweet tea but texas sweet tea is really good, i gotta agree. my sister couldn't stop ordering it the last time we were there. i think that's all she drank.


  5. An uplifting message and such a cute outfit.

    I know what you mean about coffee. Days are just not right without coffee.


  6. Love this post and your outfit!

  7. hi sister. you are so cute. i hope this week is better for you!

  8. No 5 realy made me laugh! Oh Monica I need to back a 'Sorry Ive been a Grumpy Bitch' cake aha!! www.absolutleybeautiful.blogspot.com xx

  9. you look so cute
    i love your boots and your style :)

  10. I have homemade "to do" lists that have that first quote printed on the bottom of them. You have to start each day with a grateful heart:) And you are SO right...just because you buy a VS swimsuit doesn't mean you will look like Miranda Kerr...I hear ya sister!!!

  11. I haven't been on a swing in a long time.
    I want to go to a park.. like now.


    love your outfit. You. so. cute. girl.

  12. Super cute! Love this outfit!


  13. I've just found your blog, so i'm your new follower! if you follow me back too i'll be so glad.


  14. You should do posts like this every Sunday/Monday :) :)