This Friday Night

Jacket: Thrifted, Top: F21 (old), Jeggings: F21, Boots: Madden Girl via Zappos, Ear rings: Old Navy

Last night was one of those nights,
You know, the ones where you realize how lucky you are & you just cant stop smiling.
Well, the night began a little something like this.

Kyle & I went to Olive Garden for an early dinner,
We were told the wait would be 10 minutes,
20 minutes later we decided they had forgotten about us 
so we went ahead and ordered some drinks.
(That's mine up there ^)
Unfortunately they didnt have my firefly iced tea vodka, so I had to man up & order myself a beer.
Which was delicious, because I'm a huge dos xx's fan anyways.
Once they finally realized we  never got seated they let us get an appetizer for free.
So, along with our bread sticks & salad we also got spinach & artichoke dip!
We were literally both stuffed before we could even order.
But we ordered anyways & ate till our tummys felt like they were gonna explode.
Afterwards in the car, we were just jammin to the radio when...
"Get low" came on... dont act like you dont know that song!
"To the windowwwww, to the walll"
  I sang/rapped every single word in the most unfortunate white girl way.
I rapped and danced away in my seat while Kyle was just staring & laughing,
and surprisingly telling me how sexy I was? 
I need to start rapping more often. ;]
So the song ended right as we pulled into my apt, & we walked up, opened my door,
turned on the radio on my phone and continued our little dance party.
The party finally ended & we were laying down exhausted on my couch,
and I decided I was going to be really sweet.
I told Kyle to get comfortable cuz I was going to give him a full body massage.
The look on his face was priceless.
So I did, from his little ears all the way down to his toes,
and we both loved every minute of it.
It gets even better.
Since I was oh so kind, we got to watch Say Yes to the Dress for an entire hour!
& I know Kyle secretly loved it, he was giving his opinions on girls dresses & asking questions.
It was so cute.

Oh, & remember how in yesterdays post I wrote a letter to Kyle
 saying I was going to give him 637 kisses?
It happened. 
Maybe even a few extra! 

Hoorayyy for the weekend!!!!!!


  1. Love this post and all of its cuteness. Sounds like a fabulous night, and hooray for love! Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. um you all are so cute; and i wish you lived closer because um our boyfriends could be friends and we could be friends and go to olive garden together and then rap in the car on the way home together..itd be a lot of fun! and i must mention..my man raps..like legit recorded some stuff raps. youre impressed i know..haha jk loveee you

  3. You are just so dang cute!! I love it!!
    I'm glad you had such a wonderful night!!!

  4. Hello! Lovely blog! I just added myself to your followers for support, and wanted to invite you to come follow my blog and be a part of a fun giveaway I’m having!
    Hope to see you there! Thanks!

  5. Monica! You are so cute and funny. I loved reading this. And I totally do the white girl rap/dance in the car too! I did it two days ago, took pictures of it and it's scheduled in my next post haha. So fun!

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  7. okay seriously.... you are way too gorgeous.


    i love your boots!

  8. I don't really love Olive Garden. But I love your new blog header, so that's even betta.

  9. This whole post made me smile. You two are too cute!

  10. Oh sounds like you had a wonderful night!
    P. S.
    I love your header.

  11. whoo! sounds like a great night :)

  12. You two are freakin' adorable! I love that you had a dance party at home :)

  13. Love your style!!!! Looks like a great start to the weekend! Cheers!