Where my domesticated girls at?!

Warning: My ADD medicine was wearing off while writing this post, so just go with it.
I need some help from all my domesticated followers!
I want to be a sweet girlfriend & surprise Kyle with a yummy dinner on Valentines Day.
(I never cook, so he'll be shocked)
Buttttttt, I need it to be a crockpot meal because Kyle bought me this crocker for Christmas,
So I hafta show him how much I love it, 
anddd I have to use it because I'll be gone all day and wont have time to cook. 
Tell me your secrets all you Recipe Queens!
I was thinking mayyybe chicken & dumplings, because I know he loves it.
Butttt, I want to keep my options open.
I am counting on you lovely ladies to help me out, and make this man of mine happy!
So, for the next week and however many days I will be accepting recipes of all kinds.
But remember they have to be for the crocker!
Here she is!
Yay! I'm going to be such a good girlfriend this valentines day.
Cant wait to see all of yalls delicious recipes & ideas!

Look what I found on Pinterest!
I  really, really, really want to make this!! 
It's so quick & easy! Definitely going to be a fun weekend DIY project! Weeee :]

I made it through Monday!
And taught my 1st lesson to my 5th graders,
they know all about the constitution now, thanks to this girl! :]

Okay wow, I have to say something...
I'm watching the bachelor right now and I'm literally in shock,
Ew Courtney, 
no one takes the girl who went topless in front of small children home to their mom.
Get it together girl. 


  1. Does your guy like BBQ ribs? If so that is the EASIEST crock pot food ever. Put in ribs add some BBQ sauce and a bit of water and let them cook while you were away. It will taste like you have been slaving away for days!

  2. I made an awesome chicken taco chili once...

  3. The easiest thing to make is shredded buffalo chicken sandwiches! Put chicken breasts into the crock pot, 1 packet of ranch (the powder), and one whole bottle of hot sauce. Let it cook for 7 hours, then shred it up (easily comes apart) and place it back in the crockpot for another hour. Make it an indoor picnic!

  4. I recommend this recipe to everyone who wants a one-pot meal. It's a little spicy and so easy to make. Seriously, you aren't even supposed to stir it until you serve it. And it cooks for 8-10 hours so you just leave it there and let your house smell awesome.


  5. i say go with the chicken and dumpling that sounds a-maz-ing!! =)

  6. I have a crock pot but I haven used it yet! But I did come across this easy short ribs recipe.

  7. I wanted to let you know that I've given you an award! Check out my blog for the details :) http://randomlyreese.blogspot.com/2012/02/lovely-blog-award-versatile-blogger.html

  8. I am with you on the chicken and dumplings- you know he loves it and it is yummy so I think that should be the winner! And even typing Courtneys' name makes me cringe...

  9. I would say chicken and dumplings. It would be cute to surprise him with his favorite food.

    I awarded you with something! :) Go check out my blog http://life-love-andinbetween.blogspot.com/

  10. UM OMG, I love that CROCKPOT!!!!!!

  11. bahaha i love conversation hearts

  12. That is the cutest croc pot I've ever seen! Do you have a Pinterest? There are TONS of good recipes on there. I'm pretty sure I've seen a Paula Deen one for chicken and dumplings.