Alive and Kickin'.

This is what happens when Kyle tells me
to wear something comfortable.

I feel like I just cheated on my boyfriend...
I missed my own link up!

Sorry yall, but I had to take a break from blogging for a day
to catch up on all of my school work and lesson plans.
Did yall miss me?!
Wednesday was awful, and I'm not gonna lie, there were a lot of tears shed..
in my car...on my couch...in the shower...you get the point.
I did a lot of praying and I honestly thought Thursday would be just as bad.
Guess what? It wasnt!

So, I have been so incredibly stressed out because my supervisor was coming to observe me teach a lesson (Thursday) andddd I start my "full teach" Friday, 
which is today, and I just feel so unprepared and behind on planning.
Well, My observation went AWESOME
my supervisor said it was one of the best lessons that she has ever seen. 
Say whaaattttt?
And after school one of the other student teachers came to my room,
and literally helped me plan for 2 hours, 
Like I swear God put an angel inside of her and sent her to me!
Haha she was SO helpful and sweet.
I came home to an even better surprise,
now yall are going to think this is really weird that I was so excited about this.
But I have been needing pencils for like weeks now but have just been too busy to go get some,
I've also needed a water purifier for like...over a year, but I just havent bought one.
So anyways, Kyle had gone out and gotten me these 2 things,
The fact that he listened to what I really NEED, and got them for me,
made me so incredibly happy, it sounds so silly.
But it made my day.

Tonight Kyle and I are going to see The Hunger Games!
Eeeeeee! I am so excited, I wish I would have read the books first though!
Oh wellllll, I'll let yall know how we liked it!


  1. It's the little things that can make you the happiest! Loved the Hunger Games movie, but the books are soo good. Have a great day. :)

  2. Glad to hear your week turned around for the better!!

  3. I'm loving your blog. I love meeting fellow Monica bloggers!

    Ask the Duplex

  4. Love your comfy outfit! My bf is always telling me to dress comfy! Haha! Is your hair naturally straight? It's so beautiful and shiny always!

    Xx Kelly

  5. Very cute look!