New things & Freakshows.

So I know I was freaking out about my hair yesterday...but I think I love it now.

It looks a lot prettier in person, like it has some red/mahogany in it.
What do yall think?!

I also got myself some new glasses!
Well I dont have them yet, but I'll get them next week sometime!
I had the hardest time choosing
but finally decided on these bad boys...

Switching topics...
Last night I was flipping through channels & I came across a show called
 "My Strange Addiction", now I'm sure many of you have seen/heard
of this show before, & I cant say that I have ever actually watched an entire episode.
BUT, can I just say that all of these people are complete freaks.
Like there are no exceptions, these people are psychotic, for real.
Last nights show consisted of,
A young white girl who was addicted to drinking gasoline,
yes, gasoline.
And an african american woman who was addicted to carrying/sniffing
her "doll head".
Not sure what this means?
Let me show you.
 First of all, This doll is absolutely terrifying.
Second, Is this really happening?
Like is she really "addicted" to carrying around a creepy doll head & sniffing it?
It gets worse...As I was watching this show in awe & confusion,
I hear these words...& I quote...
"When me 'n mah man are gettin' intimate..ya know I kinda take a whiff of the doll."
Is this real life?

On to the next girl.
This poor girl suffers from depression.
So like any other individual she turns to....drinking gasoline?
Seriously girlfriend? It's called VODKA!
At least there's a support group for alcohol addiction.
Not too sure about gasoline guzzling groups
Although, that name really does flow together nicely.

What is happening to the world?

That's all for today, I'm getting the evil eye.
This is my brother.
Sometimes he gets upset when I spend too much time blogging 
& not enough time petting him.

Hope everyone has a fabulousss day!


  1. your hair looks GORGEOUS monica!!love love love!

    ok that strange addiction show. Did you see the one where the woman drinks AND BATHES in her own urine? i gagged. liteerally! where do these people come from haha!

    have a happy weekend :-)


  2. I LOVE your hair! It looks amazing on you girl!
    Like always you had me cracking up... I've never heard of that show but sounds absolutely nuts! Gasoline? Shouldn't she be dead now?

  3. I have watched that show and some girl was all about eating her dead husbands ashes. It was beyond weird and creepy! People are INSANE!! This post totally cracked me up! haha!
    and I LOVE your hair! very pretty!
    Have an awesome weekend!

  4. I love your hair- it looks great!! And I can't even watch that show those people are just too far out there! Have a great weekend :)

  5. you look stunning in this picture! Great choice....and that show is definitely insane LOL

  6. Monica, if your hair was orange with green highlights, you would still be gorgeous. But yeah, I do love the new color. And that TV show... I am deprived and we don't have cable, but I've heard of it. WHAT THE H*LL??? I once heard about someone who ate their drywall, and another dude who "made love" to his car... where do these people come from?! haha

  7. i haven't seen this show - as i don't watch tv...
    but WTF!! that baby dolls head literally FREAKS ME OUT... what's with the eyes? oh my goodness. nutjobs!!

    loving the hair too btw!
    happy weekend :)

    Say hi back sometime, sheesh!

  8. btw, you're forgiven ;)
    i read your blog every day - it's one my bookmarks! ;)


  9. Your hair looks beautiful! And I've had to stop watching that strange addiction show it just makes me want to throw up half the time haha.


  10. Your hair is beauuuuutiful! You look great :)

    I've watched that show before and I'm always so disturbed afterward! I've actually seen another woman -an older lady, maybe 50's? - who was addicted to drinking gasoline. That's the craziest thing I've seriously ever heard of. Freaks.Me.Out.

  11. HAHA isn't that show fascinating?? I used to watch it last year. My favorite was the lady who ate toilet paper...she carried a roll around with her at all times and would refer to it as "tissue" and got mad if anyone called it anything different. So gross!! Love your new hair color!

  12. I don't know what your hair looked like before... but it's seriously beautiful now. I would give my left ovary for it. No joke. My hair grows like a 70-year-old Oompa Lumpa. Sooo slow!

    And that show is SO crazy. Sometimes I can't believe the things that happen. Like gas? for real? I totally agree, sista should try some vodka! :)

    Love your blog. For real. New follower.

  13. That show totally ignores the fact that these people are MENTALLY ILL. It is sad we find it entertaining though. I liked the woman who slept with her blow dryer and yes, you has electrocuted herself multiple times. Her daughter was becoming addicted to sleeping with a dryer too. Those people need help :( because it is extremely alarming to us normal people lol.

  14. Omg. That doll head would scare jonathan to death!! Hahaha!

  15. I LOVE IT!!! looks so pretty!!!! im glad your keeping it!! i want to pet your kitty!! so adorable!!! and that show..i can't even watch it, freaks me out haha! TGIF!!!

    xx Kelly


  16. I LOVE your hair! It goes great with your TAN skin! I cannot believe some of the addictions people have. I almost feel like it's made up they're so bizarre!!

  17. You are gorgeous girl!! And I have never watched that show but that doll is way creepy. And so is the woman who is addicted to it. Yeesh. xo


  18. um.what
    not your hair. the baby sniffin; gasoline drinking people.
    your hair.. you already know i love it =]

  19. your eyes are STUNNING. love your blog sweets!
    followed your blog!! check mine out?


  20. hey girl! I've tagged you to do the 11 questions tag! Here is the post: http://messydirtyhair.com/2012/03/11-random-facts-about-me.html

    xx Kelly


  21. Oh my word - you seriously crack me up! Love the hair - its gorg!