Pure Humiliation.

Okay, So you know when you were little
you used to have a huge bin full of dress up clothes to play with?
C'mon I know almost everyone had one!
Well...One day My sister & one of our neighbor friends decided that
it would just be the greatest thing if we were to have a photo shoot
in all of those outfits...
ME being the model of course.
Innocent school girl?


Even got the tongue action going

HAHAHA this one has got to be the worst.
Why did I let this happen?
I feel like I was old enough to know better too,
I wasnt even in my cute stage anymore,
& I let them document this unfortunate event in my life...
Cant wait to see yalls throwback pictures!

By the way,
I went with a different hair dye last night...
Not the greatest idea, my hair is pitch black.
And i'm not really sure what I'm going to do about it yet....


  1. Ha! My sister and I did this, too. I was also the victim! I'll have to dig up the photos. Mine were worse than yours as you seemed to have gone with the athletic model route as I definitely went a little glamour shots with mine. :)

  2. I love being embarrassed by old pictures from my childhood! I don't have any on my computer or I would do this link up!!

    I am doing a "So what?!" Link up and was wondering if you would like to join in with me and get your followers to do it!


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  4. your blog cracks me up - you're beautiful!
    I'm a new follower :-)


  5. Haha looks like you were having fun at the time.

  6. hahahahahaha. i love your poses.

  7. Haha I think its sweet. You were learning out to work it even back then!


  8. ok first off you are so freaking cute & i love this idea..i am linking up! also for the black hair, this has happened to me before...you need to get a conditiner or product from a beauty store that will take the color out..jjust tell the sales people the problem & i know they will find you the product! if you still can't let me know & ill ask my mom bc she was the one who bought it for me when i dyed my hair black bc she was SO angry at me haha!! love your blog monica!

    xx Kelly


  9. Throwback Thursday?! Holy cow, I love it!
    In first grade, my friends and I would always dress up in my Cinderella wedding gown (complete with Cinderella's face emblazoned right on the front of it) and take turns getting married.
    Ohhh the good old days :P

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  10. i can't get enough of your blog! its the best! i accidently turned my hair black once too! don't use a color stripper! dish washing soap (this sounds awful) realllllly worked wonders for me!

  11. Love your blog, new follower! I'm going to try out the Jergens Express tanning lotion, you look great!

  12. These photos are adorable, and so is your blog! Maybe I should work up the courage to share some of my throwback photos someday, too xo


  13. oh my goodness i LOVED playing dress up!! aaand... i still do, i guess, because i loooove costume parties!