I've been thinking about getting a tattoo for quite a while now.
But I could never settle on what exactly to get.
Especially because I wanted to get something that really meant something to me.

To make a long, complicated, and overwhelmingly sad story short,
I lost a family member that I loved so incredibly much a little over a year ago.
My uncle was one of the strongest, smartest, and funniest men I ever knew.
Losing him was devastating for my family.
My uncle would always write "peace" before signing his name, or saying goodnight.
I searched long & hard for the perfect quote, scripture, or song lyric.
And I finally came across something that was perfect.
"There is peace in the shelter of His arms"

I know my uncle is in a better place, and he is so much happier now.
It brings joy to my heart to know that he is truly living in peace now.

Those words are actually song lyrics, I forgot who sings the song,
or what the song is called.
All I could think about when I saw it was how perfect it was.

Originally I wanted to get it on my shoulder where it curved with my back.
kinda like this....

But then I really thought about it,
and although I absolutely LOVE the placement
& the way it looks, there are going to be situations
where I want to wear something that shows my shoulders
& I'm not going to want a tattoo visible.
My wedding day for example.

So I finally found a placement that I really like.
 So picture that saying,
"There is peace in the shelter of His arms"
I dont think I want it as big though.

There is peace
in the shelter
of His arms.

Maybe something like that ^^
& I might have his initials in there somewhere.
What do yall think about the placement & everything?
Thoughts? Advice?
Share your opinions!


  1. I love this! The tattoo, the placement, everything. I'd suggest finding a good artist and giving them the idea of the quote and initials and see what they come up with. That's what my friends and I have always done with the guy who does our tattoos and he always comes up with the perfect tattoo that incorporates all our ideas.

  2. I LOVE this tattoo idea AND the spot. I'm like you, have always wanted a tattoo and just could not figure where I wanted it, or what I wanted it to say. But I love what you've chosen and it will be a great reminder of your Uncle. Good luck!!

  3. That's an awesome tattoo idea & I love the meaning behind it :) It's a great way to always remember your uncle. I also think that's a good place to put a tattoo.


  4. I LOVE IT!

    That's where i'm planning to get my next tattoo... I just haven't figured out WHAT to get there ;)


  5. I have a tattoo in that exact place and I love it! Mine says "What I need is all around me" (a Dave Matthews Band lyric). It hurts like a bitch but it is worth it. It's so easy to hide and my boyfriend thinks that placement is sexy- I say go for it! :) That is a beautiful lyric you chose!

  6. I have my sons name on the inside of my ankle. I thought if I am going to cry like a girl then I want it to be somewhat seen. I love this and got big tears in my eyes having lost someone recently. I like the placement too. I have also seen where people put sayings scrolling on the top if their foot . That's kinda cool too. I can't wait to see it! Hugs,


  7. I think that's the perfect quote for you to use. And the placement would be great (only visible in bathing suit!) I lost an uncle also (almost 5 years ago now...wow) who was so incredibly important to our family/every day life. Sorry for your loss, I know how hard it can be.

  8. I like the ideas of tattoos that have meanings behind them, this one will be so special for you :)

  9. Monica.

    My dear, I love your tattoo idea. The meaning is perfection.

    I have a tattoo in the same place, and it hurt, holy crap did it ever. My bra covers it for the most part, which is fine.

  10. Love it! The words, the placement, the memories it brings back - all perfect. So glad you were able to find something special.

  11. Love it! The placement is perfect because if you want to totally hide it for your future wedding day...no problemo :) Can't wait to see it! Happy Friday, girl!

  12. I think it's very pretty and a very good idea, but I wouldn't put the initials, because for example, my ex did that and then he didn't know how to cover ir. He ended up getting another tattoo on top.
    My uncle also got a tattoo with this wife, and after many years of marriage and two children they got divorced and now have new partners... My uncle had to cover it too.

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  15. i really like that location and the quote! :)

  16. I LOVE it! I'm a new follower and love your blog! we must think alike because i was just posting about tattoos and placement on the shoulder. But I LOVE your idea of the placement and saying &everything.


  17. Very pretty. Your going to have to get it kinda large to keep it from blurring together when it gets older. And the ribs are pretty but hurts like crap. I know. But I love the idea.

  18. Love the tattoo idea, love the side of the ribs as placement. If I could do it "all" over I'd get one there too.


  19. LOVE the placement AND the words and most especially the meaning. So special. Do it!!