We decided to be healthy.


Haha okay okay, maybe we had a fat night!
but OHMYGOD, it was delicious.
We went to this little burger place called Chesters, 
where they are KNOWN for their amazing cheeseburgers, 
And yes, they are seriously amazing.
They're also known for their delicious milkshakes, 
but Kyle and I, being the grandparents we are...
wanted to get back to my apt and start a movie before we fell asleep 
so we went for the cheap corner store gallon instead.
Cookies & cream is our favorite.

I dont feel too guilty,
because I got in a good workout the other morning!
My abs are actualllyyyy sore, which doesnt happen too often.
I'm (used to be) one of those people, 
that gets down & does crunches on the floor when watching tv.
I used to do it ALL the time, not so much anymore.
So since I would get little ab work outs in regularly, 
it would take A LOT to actually make them sore.
So I'm definitely proud of myself for actually doing a good enough work out
to make these little baby abs sore! 
Wanna know what I did?!
Blogilates DUH.
Here's the video!

Yall better do it!!


  1. Those pictures are making my mouth water - mmmmm! Nothing better than onion rings:)

  2. Yeah. Agreed. Now I want a big, fat juicy hamburger. lol

    Speaking of abs, they are the one thing I always seem to neglect. Probably because I see results there LAST. No fun in that. hahaha

  3. Umm that video looks soo hard. Like Ab ripper P90x hard.

    Ice cream and cheeseburgers def are warranted afterward.


  4. This totally sounds like my boyfriend and I.. we're not the healthiest eaters, at least on weekends. But we worked out a couple of days ago and now I'm feeling the soreness for the first time too! xo


  5. I've been looking for a good abs workout, thanks for sharing!! And WOW, does that food look delicious :)

  6. I just rode my bike for 15 minutes and ate 2 corndogs. Sounds like the perfect exercise regimen to me.

  7. hahaha i love the title post and then the pic that follows! but hey, can't pass up a good cheeseburger!

    blogilates is something i havent tried...but WANT TO!!

  8. Listen. You made me hungry and then you made me fat, and I didn't even eat anything.

    abs. what the eff are those:)