Young, Wild, and Free.

Lately I like to listen to "Young, Wild, & Free" by Wiz Khalifa,
& sing really loud & pretend that my life isnt identical to that
of a 96 year old.

This past Sunday was so perfect.
I went to the pool for the first time, in what seems like 7 years.
I watched Kyle & his guy friends play sand volleyball
while I laid out & talked on the phone with my girl Jennifer.
Which unfortunately resulted in a painfully awkward sunburn.
But I'm not complaining.
I laid in the sun, & listened to country music, & had girl talk, 
& watched my man show off his volleyball skills.
This all made me so much more excited about spring break.
I'm just praying that the weather will cooperate.
I also CANT wait to go home & see my family & my friends from back home.
I am in major need of a hair cut & dye.
I also want to get myself some new glasses,
I'm not really feelin' the pair I have now.
Oh golly, spring break is just going to be full of great things!
(did I really just say golly?)

Kyle's birthday is on Sunday!!
I think I get more excited about his birthday than he does.
I'm gonna spoil the crap out of him.

Can I just be honest & admit that I have been flexing my butt cheeks while writing this entire post.
Hey, a girls gotta get a work out in one way or another!

Speaking of working out,
Kyles bday recipe calls for 4 reeses cups...
I may or may not have bought the 6 pack, 
which contains 12 reeses cups.
I'm not admitting to anything...
But I am going to need ALL of you to give me some major motivation
to hit up the gym after I get home today!
MAJOR yall! 
Ready? GO!

Who's linking up for Throwback Thursday tomorrow?!


  1. My post is all ready for tomorrow :)

    I was going to tell you to head over to my blog for motivation, but I see you've already seen it :) It's kinda ironic that I posted that today because I REALLY needed it to drag my butt out of bed this morning at 5:15 to work out. But, like you said, no one ever regretted a workout :)

  2. you went to the pool?!?!?! do you know who jealous I am right now?! well, me and my translucent pasty white skin....we're super jealous!

    love your outfit. you look so audrina patridge chic. i love her style!! rock it girlfriend....and i may or may not have eaten a family size bag of raisinettes yesterday....and by that I mean definitely did. Feel better about those Reeses ;)

  3. I love your outfit, you look so cute!! :)

  4. Such a cute blog you have... and umm, hello gorgeous! *new follower* :)

  5. I'm ready for another round of Throwbacks tomorrow!
    PS: My life is just like a woman in her 90's too, but I kind of love it :)

  6. mmmmm.....I LOVE REESES! Cute blog...I started following you...come check my blog out too!



  7. lmao at flexing your butt cheeks! i do that while i'm laying in the tanning bed hahaha the lazy girl's workout :)

  8. I love your blog and style!
    please take a look at my blog,
    and follow.. I already follow you!


  9. You're so pretty, and the outfit was soo cute! It's so sweet you're making your boyfriend something! (: soo adorable! Love your blog! Such a cute post! Have fun on spring break! (:

  10. I love that song! And I dont blame you for doing butt workouts lol I do it sometimes too! But lately I've just been so lazy haha! I love your top in your outfit by the way! So cute!



  11. You are just too cute! Jealous of the laying by the pool! I dream of living somewhere warm & sunny & being able to do that in March!

  12. Love your outfit, girl! I'm ridiculously jealous you got to hang out by a pool recently... I'm excited about even a little bit warmer weather this week! Can't wait til it's pool time again :)

  13. Cute t-shirt.. I have the same sandles!

    xo Jennifer