Decisions, Decisions...

Such a beautiful sunrise the other morning.

How was everyones weekend?!
Mine was prettyyyy dang good.
And I am super excited because I only have a 3 day week,
Wednesday is officially my last day at the elementary school!

One of my outfits this weekend:

Top: TJ Maxx, Shorts: Pacsun, Sandals: F21, Bracelets & Ear rings: InPink

Ran into one of my girlfriends while we were out.
Twins? We are SO fashionable.

Okay listen to this...

My friend Kate who is student teaching with me got a job exactly where she wanted!
YAY! I am so happy for her.
She's going to be a 5th grade Science teacher come August! 
Which brings me to my next topic,
Why havent I thought about this?
Some elementary schools do a block schedule where teachers only teach 1 subject.
Um, I could totally do that!
Especially if I got to teach science, that's such a fun subject to teach!
It would be really weird because you wouldnt have your own class.
And you wouldnt really be able to build a strong bond with the students.
But, I feel like this would be way less stressful and it could give me so much
more freedom on being creative with lessons, since I would only have to worry about 1 subject.
So anyways, I'm going to start looking more into this!
To my teacher friends, or friends that have teacher friends, what do you think?
What kind of school do you work at? What have you heard about block schedules?
Ohhhhh decisions, decisions...
Tell me everything you knnooowww!


Put a smile on.

Heeeeeeyyyy there!

We had a middle of the week date night on Wednesday.
and I LOVED it.
We went to Chuys, which is an amazing mexican restaurant.
I need to start making middle of the week margaritas a regular thang.
Did that just make me sound like an alcoholic?
I'm really not.

I cant believe it's already Friday!
This week has gone be so fast!
Yesterday was sooo long though!
My 5th graders were taking their Science STAAR test,
 therefore all of us student teachers had to hide away in a small room for 4 DANG HOURS.
Luckily we had computers, but we are really limited to what sites we can go on.
Thankfully, we could get on youtube!
So we watched music videos & "best proposals ever" haha
And of course....
Sophia Grace & Rosie.
Please tell me you've seen these girls before.
If not look them up on youtube.
The fact that they have a british accent makes me love them SO much more.
If you skip to 1:28 it's her own rap she made up.

Have a fabuloussss weekend loves.


Throwback Thursday yall.

Throwback Thursdays: Where  I will post a picture & a memory that goes with it!
Who will be linking up with me?? 
The rules are simple:
1. If you are going to link up please add my button or a link to my blog on your post.
2. Share a photo and a memory that goes along with that photo!
 It can be from when you were a teeny little baby, or even 3 weeks ago!

Today I'm throwin it back to high school.
Oh, how things have changed.
The 4 pack! I think this was Junior year in of high school!
Jenn, Jennifer, Me, Liz

Warning: I didnt believe in wearing make up in highschool...actually until sophomore year in college.
I legitimately thought this was such a cool picture.
so sad.

embarrassing in so many ways.



pretending I can play guitar.

Prom dress.
thrift store fun.

My old cat, Frisky.
I loved this baby more than anything!
Cant wait to see everyones throwbacks!!


Baby showers & Pictures galore.

This past Saturday I went to a baby shower for one of my best friends.
This is what I wore.
Top: TJ Max, Jeans: TJ Maxx, Sandals: Charming Charlies, Bracelets: Charlotte Russe

The beautiful mama to be!
Her dress is from Target!
Totally buying it.
Main squeeze




Hahaha love him.

Silly Daddy to be.


 It was gorgeous outside when we were leaving!
So Liz & I took full advantage.


Who's linking up with me tomorrow for Throwback Thursday?!


Target Tuesday & Story time.

Here are all of the fabulous things that I want from Target this week:

I need a cute backpack.

Love this clutch.

SO cute.


Story Time.

For those of you who dont know I am currently student teaching in a 5th grade classroom.
(only 2 more weeks!)
So I am going to share a quick little story with yall.
Setting: Recess
 I was sitting on the bench with 2 other teachers
 just enjoying the weather and talking girl stuff,
I notice a sweet 5th grade girl walking towards us, with a sad look on her face,
Girl: "I dont feel....."
*Projectile vomits everywhere*
2 other teachers: "Woah..Okay baby! *walks towards her* let's go!"
Me: Immediately sprints the opposite direction covering my ears & closing my eyes.

Yall, it was so awful.
I cannot handle throw up.
It was lime green.
Like I'm not kidding, my stomach hurt for the rest of the day.
How in the world am I going to handle motherhood?



Hot Dates & Photo editing.

 Date Night Outfit.

Top: F21, Jean Shorts: Thrifted, Sandals: F21, Bracelets: Charlotte Russe

Date Night Food.
I could eat mexican food every day for the rest of my life.

Date nights are always great.

Is anyone else really sad that Picnik on facebook is officially gone?
I am. I used that thing religiously.
And I loved it and I am certain that no other photo editor can beat it.
(although I've never tried another photo editor)
What do yall use to edit your photos?
I signed up for Pixlr but it wont upload some of my pictures,
But the ones it does let me upload and edit turn out really great!
Which photo editing service is the best?

By the waaaayyy....
Everyone should go take a look at this amazing giveaway!
Just click on the picture to check it out & enter!


Friday Adventures.

Top: TJ Maxx ($6), Jeans: TJ Maxx ($10), Sandals: F21

Friday was an adventure.
This is my friend Kate, 
We've known each other since freshman yr of college.
We've been in the same classes pretty much ever since, because we have the same major.
We got SO incredibly lucky and got placed in the same school 
AND same grade for student teaching!
Throughout the years people have thought we looked more & more alike.
This year a day hasnt gone by where people havent asked if we're twins.
Friday, We showed up at our meeting with our hair the same way.
We figured it was picture worthy.
Anyways, this is our very last time being on campus besides graduation.
So we thought we'd take full advantage.
We have an hour break between meetings & we have a Chilis on campus,
So we figured...DRINK TTIIIIMEEE!
Unfortunately we didnt realize it was only 10:45 & the bar didnt open till 3.
So what did we do?
We sprinted to the gas station to buy a 6 pack and chug before our meeting.
Why did we think this was a great idea?
Dont ask me.

So we each drank 2 1/2 beers. 
It was not a good time, we were struggling.
Neither of us are "crazy" drinkers,
I really have no idea what came over us.
But we definitely were dying laughing the whole time.
So we finally make it to our next meeting,
and ive never struggled so hard not to laugh in my life,
We each went pee 3 times & then our supervisor says..
"Okay, get in groups we are going to be doing mock interviews"
We literally just looked at each other with the same exact horrified facial expression...
Haha Oh man I wish I couldve gotten those on video.

Needless to say it was a great & interesting Friday!
Still cant believe I'm almost a college graduate!


Can I get an "Amen!"?

Striped top: TJ Maxx, Chambray: Target
Jeans: TJ Maxx, Boots: Madden Girl via Zappos

 which means I will be filling my belly with margaritas & mexican food tonight.
Margaritas might be the best thing ever created.
Can I get an "amen!"?
I am ecstatic to say that I am officially in relax mode!
I have 2 more weeks left at the elementary school,
But during those 2 weeks I will just be chillin & observing other teachers.
No more stress!
Well besides the whole getting a real job, growing up, & paying my own bills.
But let's not talk about that right now.
Let's talk about how sore I am from 2 work outs.
All thanks to the Tone it up girls!
I'm so excited for this bikini challenge,
and I am loving the new work outs so far!
I am so happy that I'm going to have more free time so I can get back to 
my regular work out schedule!
I am one happy girl.
I hope everyone is as happy as I am right now, and has an awesome weekend!
Tonight will consist of a fun date night with my main squeeze.
And tomorrow I'm going to my best girlfriends baby shower!
So, I'm thinking Sunday will be a pool day, if the weather cooperates of course.


Throwback Thursday-Real Talk

Welcome to another week of Throwback Thursday,
This week I'm throwin it back to the good old days.
When I had no worries,
and all I did all day was fish for tadpoles with old milk jugs.
This is back at our old house, SO many memories there.
We had a ditch that separated two neighborhoods and we would always
go back there and go fishing with our home made fishing poles
made out of milk jugs, hangers and string.

I decided to throw it back to
"the good old days"
because I think a lot of times we all forget to enjoy the little things in life.
We take life too seriously, and worry about things we cant control.
We let stress and work and money consume every part of our lives.
And we need to remember what's important.
people & time.
I have been so guilty of letting stress get the best of me this entire semester.
And I regret not finding/making time for my friends,
and not taking the time to drive home on weekends to be with my family.
So today, I'm telling all of you to take a break.
Go to lunch with a friend, call your mom, hug someone who looks like they need it,
smile at a stranger, take your dad to go see a guy movie, compliment someone,
go running, clean your closet & take the clothes you dont wear to a shelter or donate them,
write someone a letter.
MAKE time.
Because in the end you'll wish you had.
I'm still working on this too!

Today is my last day of full teach yall.
I cant believe it, this semester FLEW by!
It was stressful, but I have seriously fallen in love with all of these kids.
My last day at the school is Mat 2nd and it's going to be so hard to leave them.
For those of you who dont know I'm in an inclusion classroom.
So there are some special ed kids in there with different disabilities.
This morning one of my special ed kids came in,
"Miss Jones, Miss Jones! I got you this for your graduation!!"
Hands me a baggie with 3 dove chocolates, a fiber bar, a notepad & a hand written card.
My heart melted.
I had mentioned randomly that I couldnt go to their talent show because I
will be graduating that day, & I guess he remembered
& told his mom he wanted to get me something.
It made my whole day, all of my kids are TOO sweet.

Make today a good one!
Dont forget to link up!


Glasses & Bargains.

My new glasses are finally here!
I didnt realize exactly how blind I was until I put them on & looked across the room.
It's amazing how quickly my headaches went away!

Top: f21, Jeans: Target, Sandals: F21

That's what I wore when I went shopping last weekend.
Um, I found some AMAZING Deals!
Wanna know what I got??
Well I bought this dress...
For ONLY $10!

And thiisssssss skirt...
$7 yall!!

Forever 21 never lets me down!
I also got me some adorable shorts from pacsun
These were a bit on the pricey side..
but I HAD to have them. 

I'll be doing more outfit posts soon my loves!

I'm actually having a GREAT week!
My kids have been awesome, & my lessons have all turned out really well.
And guess what?!
Full teach is over Thursday!
Which means I can breathe again
I'll have more free time to show yall some blog love!
Eeeee :]

IMPORTANT: Everyone get your Throwback Thursday posts readyyyyy!