Decisions, Decisions...

Such a beautiful sunrise the other morning.

How was everyones weekend?!
Mine was prettyyyy dang good.
And I am super excited because I only have a 3 day week,
Wednesday is officially my last day at the elementary school!

One of my outfits this weekend:

Top: TJ Maxx, Shorts: Pacsun, Sandals: F21, Bracelets & Ear rings: InPink

Ran into one of my girlfriends while we were out.
Twins? We are SO fashionable.

Okay listen to this...

My friend Kate who is student teaching with me got a job exactly where she wanted!
YAY! I am so happy for her.
She's going to be a 5th grade Science teacher come August! 
Which brings me to my next topic,
Why havent I thought about this?
Some elementary schools do a block schedule where teachers only teach 1 subject.
Um, I could totally do that!
Especially if I got to teach science, that's such a fun subject to teach!
It would be really weird because you wouldnt have your own class.
And you wouldnt really be able to build a strong bond with the students.
But, I feel like this would be way less stressful and it could give me so much
more freedom on being creative with lessons, since I would only have to worry about 1 subject.
So anyways, I'm going to start looking more into this!
To my teacher friends, or friends that have teacher friends, what do you think?
What kind of school do you work at? What have you heard about block schedules?
Ohhhhh decisions, decisions...
Tell me everything you knnooowww!


  1. Love your outfit, you have such an incredible tan!! :D


  2. Love your blog so much, you are gorgeous <3


  3. I matched you in my green pants!! :)

  4. I went to school and got my BS in secondary education (business). During my student teaching, I got to experience block scheduling and I loved it!! Granted you have the students for a longer period; however, it really allows you more time to prep for your subject(s). Just one concern is to make sure you have enough material to cover the 1 hour, 15 min class (ours was that long, yous may be different). I loved block scheduling though!

    P.S. Love, love, love your blog! Adorable!

  5. Such a pretty picture, and I love the color of those shorts!!

  6. Love the colored shorts!
    So glad to have found your blog! Now following :)

  7. We have two 5th grade homerooms at my school and I teach Language Arts/Social Studies while the other teacher does Science, Math, and Religion. I really like it this way because we can still establish the "community" in our classrooms and you only have 3 subjects to plan. I've only really heard about block scheduling at the high schools around here and the one I went to. I agree, I feel like there are perks to block scheduling and having your own homeroom but I love it the way we do it. I like that bond and relationship I've built with my kids, sometimes it helps get me through the day. When all else fails, make a pro/con list! I'm sure wherever you get hired, you'll be wonderful!

  8. great shorts!! fun pop of color, oh and i SO dig your arm candy! xoxo linds {{www.rubygirlblog.com}}

  9. Those shorts are so cute! And you're tan....ugh so jealous!

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