Friday the 13th & a Fresh start.

Friday the 13th, you win.

Yall, Friday was so weird.
I had been feeling sick since Wednesday, 
like a really bad cold possibly strep throat.
I felt really sick at the elementary school all day on Friday but was trying to push through,
in hopes that I would feel better that night & be able to enjoy my weekend.
Boy was I wrong.
I got home & was feeling awful so I decided to take a nice long shower.
After I got out I was looking in the mirror & noticed my face was red & puffy.
So naturally, I freaked out.
It wasnt my whole face, basically the red puffiness just formed a beard around my mouth.
super cute.
So I call Kyle freaking out because I suddenly have a face disease,
& I still felt really sick.
So he comes over and calms me down & orders us some food from Olive Garden,
(Cause he's the best)
So when he leaves to go pick it up I call my mom.
(yes, I still call & cry to my mom when im sick)
While I'm on the phone with her my stomach starts itching really bad.
So i'm itching like a maniac, & then walk to the bathroom to see what's going on.
Literally yall, my entire body is COVERED in red blotchy patches.
So Kyle finally gets back & I show him my freakish rash & we eat our food,
& then mom says I need to go to the medclinic.
So we head on over & we wait...
We wait for 3 entire hours
& while we're waiting the itchy rash is spreading to my arms & legs
Oh, and did I mention that I already took a benadryl?
Therefore I am half alive, barely conscious, & incredibly itchy.
Not a good time.
I felt so bad for Kyle especially since he had work at 5 AM the next morning.
He's a trooper.
So anyways, they finally call me in & the Dr said I just had a bad allergic reaction,
& then they gave me a shot...in my butt...
that was a new experience for me.
When I woke up the next morning my rash was gone.
Praise the Lord!
But I still have no earthly idea what caused it, which kinda makes me nervous.

Hope everyones Friday was much better than mine!
The weather is kinda stinky here so there was no fun in the sun this weekend,
but I did spend my tax return money on some new clothes!

This girl is getting her life together.
Yup, that's right.
I signed up for the Tone it up Bikini Series!
You should go to ToneItUp.com sign up & do it with me!
I did it all last summer & LOVED it, they are amazing personal trainers,
Give you great advice & free work out videos!
I also went to the grocery store last night & stocked up on some goodies.
Arent yall proud of me?
Let me know if you sign up!


  1. Oh man! That's so scary! Hahah I literally don't know what I would have done. Especially since I can't take steroid shots! I literally almost died the last time they tried to give me one. I was sitting on the floor in the doctor's office, about to throw up everything I'd eaten that day, and my hands were almost completely paralyzed. I had no idea what caused it, but it was pretty terifying!

  2. I had a reaction like that once freshmen year after eating Chipotle, now I say i'm allergic to it even though i'm not for sure what part of my sandwich made me feel that way! I just enrolled in a fitness class for the Fall so I need to get my booty in shape this summer too! I might have to join in on this plan!!

  3. Glad that the rash went away :)
    So excited to start the challenge today! YAYYY!

  4. I signed up. Hopefully I can find some time to do this with a 4 month old and working full time

  5. How scary! Don't you wish you knew what caused that rash so you can stay FAR, FAR away from whatever it was?! Good luck with that workout program girl! I've seen it on Pinterest and will probably do it this summer, keep us updated on the workouts!

  6. Ahh that's so scary!! Good thing it went away. Maybe it was something that you ate earlier or a product that you used in the shower?

    I'm starting the Tone It Up bikini series too! Cheers to amazing bikini bods! haha