Just another date night.

Top: F21, Tank underneath: Target, Shorts: Wet Seal, Bag: Thrifted, Shoes: Target

A nice little date night was a MUST after the long week I had!
I know i've been negative nancy lately...and I'm sorry for that.
Buttttt, I cant promise it wont happen again.
These next few weeks are going to be tough for me,
so please please keep me in your prayers!
I start my real "full teach" on Monday.
Which means I plan all the lessons, and teach every subject all day every day.
I'm a real live teacher now yall!

We decided to go see "The Hunger Games" for our date night.
Neither of us have read the books, so we didnt really know what we were in for!
I liked the movie a lot, Kyle said he thought it was going to be better.
I still REALLY wanna read the books though,
because I know the movie was probably missing tons of good parts.
I was hungry, and needed a drink to settle down from my long day,
so we went upstairs at the theatre and got some drinks and snacks!
Mmmm chips & queso.
By the way Kyle had 1 chip. I ate the entire basket. Go me.

After the movie I made Kyle take me to get some frozen yogurt!
I havent gotten frozen yogurt in forever and a day.
I used to go at least twice a week,
I'm an addict.

I really need to catch up on my emails,
and reading all of yalls blogs.
I feel so out of the loop.
hmph :/


  1. What a great date night! Super cute outfit gal ;)

  2. You always have the cutest outfits! And in my opinion, the book is way better than the movie!

  3. If you liked the movie, you will LOVE the books.

    Good luck with taking the teaching reigns this week! You'll be great!


  4. Cute outfit!! I still need to go see the movie, and read the book. Glad you had a great time out! Xx

  5. I've seen so many people talking about frozen yogurt places lately! We don't have any where I live! That looks delicious!!

  6. Girl, you are gorgeous! As always :) But I'm definitely jealous of your shorts. It freakin' snowed... SNOWED all day today. Boooo!
    Yay for Hunger Games! You'll love reading the books :) And chips and dip are my weakness. I could eat that all. day. long.
    Your going to be an amazing teacher, Monica! Don't stress :)

  7. Having only read a few of your post I already love your blog and I'm now following you ! As far as the Hunger game books go they are awesome ! I still haven't seen the movie yet...having a 9 month old makes it quite difficult to get out lol...swing by my blog if u can & good luck with the teaching :]

  8. You are adorable!! And I would seriously kill for your legs. Good work girl!!

  9. Cute outfit!


  10. I really love this outfit! and story of my life, I always eat the majority of the food (oops). so glad found your lovely blog!

    A Southern Drawl