Target Tuesday, holla.

Let's talk about summer essentials, shall we?!

Adorable summer dress.
Perfect pattern.

Frayed Bikini.
This would be SO cute
over a white bikini!
Cute beach bag
Turquoise Sunglasses.
Relaxed Denim shorts.
White V-neck
Now that we're clear on what we need for Summer,
Let's talk about when Summer actually starts...
Well, for me, my last day at the elementary school is May 2nd.
Which means I have exactly 2 weeks and 3 days until I am officially in relax mode.
I can work with that.
When does everyone elses Summer start?
I know most of you dont actually have a "summer" because you're grown ups.
Which I will be too, I'm just pretending like I have no responsibilities.

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  1. I am loving those wedges and that beach bag. So fab... Target sure knows how to pull at a girl's heart strings! haha

  2. Give me those sun glasses & wedges please! :)

    Love your picks!

  3. Love everything here!! Our summer started early March. It's so hot here!

  4. I miss summer vacation:( Luckily the weather is nice is Boston right now though!! Love all of those Target finds...especially the blue sunglasses...yes please!

  5. I love your target Tuesday's! Target is definitely one of my guilty pleasures! Loving the wedges!

  6. LOVE the first and second items :) I'm ready to buy more shorts for summer! WOOOOO~

  7. I love target and we're soon to get one where I live :D
    Girlfriends Are Like Shoes

  8. Found your blog through Shayna! I love this. I tried finding those shoes in stores and they didn't sell that color - boo!